As developers we have our own duties. We have the duty to deliver the best possible code and by doing so, to make each relationship successful.

1. Code Quality Matters. A LOT.

It’s the only thing that can secure you a fast adaptation in this fast-changing mobile world. Our experience has showed us that not everyone cares about the quality of their own code. Ooooh myyy, the things we’ve seen… some of them are beyond explanation. We’ve been through a lot. And we believe that no client and developer should go through the things we saw and worked on. So we keep our code fresh and clean.

Note: Complexity increases costs. Continuous working on a messy code increases cost by A LOT.

2. Code Reviews

We do code reviews and we’re relentless in speaking our mind about the code we get. Although this might make you feel unpleasant, you’ll need to hear it. We’ll guide you and point out the exact mistakes which quite often cannot be justified for any developer. Working on a bad code is frustrating and requires more time for the new developers to adapt and become productive.

3. Independent Code

We do not make our clients dependent by providing a code that only we can understand. We’ve heard the rumors of laying bugs on purpose just so that you can come back later on. Rest assured. Once the solution is delivered you have our full-time support in the next 30 days in case there is a problem. And all that is free of charge. It’s totally up to you to decide which path you want to take next without worrying about the solution you’d get from us. We believe you won’t leave us though :)


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