We get the job done. Once all the details and the direction are known we’re off on the voyage to develop your idea.

Nevertheless we do have some guides and tips that can make our cooperation fruitful and easygoing.

1. Process takes time. Communication is a MUST

Making an app is not a joke. We respect process. The value of a good process is essential for great development. In order to produce high-quality solution/app, communication is a must. If you have an idea, keep in mind that you’re more than welcome to make it clearer with us. It is far better to have the whole concept in your head as it would certainly save us both time and effort.

Tip #1: Your project is our project. While working together, we are a team. Never forget this. We have the same goal.

Tip #2: Allow us to put your app in our portfolio as a project we have been working on. Believe us, we do not want to embarrass ourselves. We do not want to put our name on something that is only good.

Tip #3: We’re small and flexible and depending on the urgency we’d communicate within our team any matter regarding your project before putting everything in writing. Now, would you trade this with only an email communication that can be easily misunderstood, skipped or just badly prioritized?

2. Estimation

You should know that estimation is just that, an estimation. We are trying relentlessly to improve it, and everything else comes with experience. Be precise when explaining your idea. By all means, use other solutions as a reference but please know that there is a lot underneath each app out there. Details matter and they cost the most. They actually make an app go from good to great. More details means more relevant estimation and more realistic expectations.

Tip #1: Estimation is not a Promise.

Tip #2: It’s not in our interest to exceed deadlines. We’re losing time and money as well.

Tip #3: Do not treat an estimate as a deadline.

Tip #4: Do not choose the developer according to the estimation you’ve got. Shortest estimation doesn’t mean best choice. It is often the worst choice. Limited time and budget give you limited options and quality in all fields.

Tip #5: Be very careful when choosing developers. Take time and give it some thought because quite often we're seeing people coming to us with badly written and non-functional code simply because the price was the most important factor at the beginning. We’re being utmostly sincere when we tell you that you can end up with a bad code and empty pockets pretty fast. Beware of estimations that perfectly suit your needs.

Tip #6: Estimation is a project by itself so it will take time to be prepared as it should.

Tip #7: If the only effort you put in explaining your app is simply “I want an app like Ins***ram, Wha*up, or whatever”, believe that we’re going to invest the same effort in providing you with an estimation.

3. Requirements

This is an obligation for both sides that requires constant communication so to understand the project better. In order to work more efficiently and effectively, before beginning the project there will be some requirements that you should meet. This can be quite simple if you have crystal clear vision of how the app should look like.

The requirements are prerequisites for starting a project.

Tip #1: Try not to give last minute changing requirements. They cost more. Although most of the time we’re aware of this and we try to adapt on previously agreed terms.

4. Mockups & Wireframes

If you have a clear vision about how the app should look like, then this is strictly your obligation. We need detailed mockup & wireframe, preferably with written specification for every element. In order to bring the necessary communication to a minimum (so that we can work more), we suggest having these elements prepared.

Tip #1: We can help in this process by back and forth communication before beginning the project.

Tip #2: The wireframes are essential for providing the exact image of how the app should look like. This helps us a lot in the process of estimating the project.

Tip #3: Explain everything in the wireframe. Animations, transitions, navigation… the whole nine yards.

5. Bargain. Should you do it?

Tip #1: Always be sure that someone is already paying the full price for the highest priority and attention. Make sure you’re that person.


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