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Technologies: Mobile (iOS, Android), Redis, Amazon (S3), Heroku

Category: Social Networking

Sub-Category: Travel


Meet new people and find fun things to do! Bindle is the complete guide to each city, in your pocket. Find things to do, eat, see and anything else you can think of, as recommended by people just like you. If you are looking for someone to do these things with, Bindle can provide that as well, by allowing you to connect with like-minded people nearby.

Build your own community of followers and share your adventures with them, so that you can help others experience the best things to do in each city. 

How it works:

- Out of ideas on things to do and places to go in your own city? Open Bindle and find out what is trending around you, in real time, as rated by fellow users

- Alone in a city that you don’t know much about? Open Bindle to see who is nearby. Connect with interesting people to share experiences together.

- Been somewhere awesome and you want the world to know? Post your experience on Bindle and watch as others tick the same activity off their own bucketlist.

All of this is at your fingertips with Bindle.



- Numerous custom animations,

- Searching users based on GPS location of the user (refining search based on distance and age),

- Option to add follow other users,

- Option for users to add cover photos from Facebook in their profile,

- Blocking and reporting other users,

- Browsing through posts in timeline, liking other posts and adding to your bucket list,

- Real-time chat ,

- Complex navigation between screens,

- Numerous push notifications for different news updates,

- Complex error handling,

- Admin Panel with options to review, approve and reject photos, ban users, review posts’ and users’ histories, send personalized messages to users, etc.

Languages: Objective-C, Android, Ruby, Java

Frameworks used: Cocoa Touch (iOS), AFNetworking (iOS), SDWebImage(iOS) SocketRocket(iOS), AWS-SDK(iOS), Dagger (Android), RxJava (Android), OkHttp (Android), Retrofit (Android), Facebook (Android), AWS Cognito (Android), Rebound (Android), Support libraries (Android), Crashlytics (Android), Timber (Android), Junit (Android), Fest (Android), Mockito (Android), LeakCanary (Android), Play Services (location, maps, gcm) (Android), Gson (Android), Picasso (Android), RubyOnRails (Ruby), Activeadmin (Ruby), Doorkeeper (Ruby), HTTPParty (Ruby), Java Play framework (Java), Akka (Java), Spring(Java)

IDE: xCode, Android Studio, RubyMine


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