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Technologies: Mobile (iOS)

Category: Entertainment

Sub-Category: Photo and Video


Camstar is an app that allows the user to take photos and videos and apply range of effects in live preview mode. The app’s target version was iOS 5.0. While developing this app, we used 4 custom OpenGL shaders for creating photos and videos with different effects. The app in its days reached great success as one of the first apps offering these options to the users.  



- LIVE FX camera,

- Custom shaders,

- Capture Videos using Live FX,

- Ability to use photos from your album/photo library,

- Self-Timer (3 & 5 seconds),

- Sharing options (email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr),

- Various effects.


Languages: Objective-C

Frameworks used: Cocoa Touch (iOS), Core Data (iOS), AVFoundation (iOS), OpenGL ES 2.0

IDE: xCode


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