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Cherry Talk

Cherry Talk

Technologies: Mobile (iOS), Amazon (S3), Heroku

Category: Social

Sub-Category: Chat


A chat application that allows the user to chat with other users transparently and without privacy. Although uncommon for a chat application, this app introduces novelty in the chat services. The users can browse through chats between other users and decide which users to talk to depending on the conversation created. This can help the user choose from many other users and better filter their choices given their preference for communicating. In order to start chatting the user has to register by providing username, gender and age range. Once registered the user can send Hi to other users and can start conversations. The user can also refine the search results by applying filters (by response rate, gender, age, area, blood group, personality, height and many more). The user can browse through other rooms and users and see their past talks and conversations. The user can spend points for different actions but they can also earn points for unlocking certain options. He/she can also choose to purchase other user’s photos or some of their conversations. The user can also earn points by completing his/hers profile and by attaching more profile photos thus providing option for other users to spend points. For the big spenders multiple options for purchasing are available. The interesting part is that the users and their presence in the app is dependant on their activity. With each activity their status gets updated and they can be easily found by other users. The same goes for their chat rooms. The more they chat the greater the chance for other users to find the room. With this in mind, there are greater chances for new conversations. The user also has the option to post new messages as their profile messages. This is actually a CTA text that can prompt other users to check out the profile, send Hi or start chatting. In case of inappropriate content, the user has the option to report or block other users.

On the other end is the admin panel providing the admin user with multiple options. The admin user can decide to review users, add taboo words that would get swapped with special characters on the client side, ban users, create promotional content in a custom HTML editor that will be delivered to the user, etc.



- Blocking/unblocking and reporting other users and limiting the news and messages delivered from them,

- Browsing through users, sending Hi, unlocking photos, reviewing past talks,

- Real-time chat where users can send messages and media files (images),

- Real-time communication for presenting the latest status to all users depending on other users’ actions,

- Numerous consumable in app purchases,

- Extensive Analytics using Google Analytics,

- Interactive tutorial,

- Push notifications,

- Admin Panel with options to ban users, view reports, add taboos, set promotions with custom HTML editor and serve it within the app,

- Integration of Ads using numerous Ad Providers,

- Creating custom mediation for interstitial ads and their fill rate.

Languages: Swift, Ruby, Java

Frameworks used: Reactive Cocoa (iOS), AFNetworking (iOS), SDWebImage(iOS), AWS-SDK(iOS), Snapkit(iOS), TwitterKit (iOS), iMobile (iOS), Nend (iOS), Google Analytics (iOS), RubyOnRails (Ruby), Activeadmin (Ruby), Doorkeeper (Ruby), HTTPParty (Ruby), Java Play framework (Java), Akka (Java), Spring(Java)

IDE: xCode, RubyMine


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