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Extreme FX

Extreme FX

Technologies: Mobile (iOS)

Category: Entertainment

Sub-Category: Video


Extreme FX is a video application in which the user can add different video effects and sounds to his/her recorded video. Overall, the user can combine two videos and sound effects into one video with great visualisation effects. The app was built for the iOS platform with a target version of iOS 4.3 or later. The main challenge while developing the app was the memory optimization for all devices, especially for iPod (Gen 4) due to the hardware limitations. For the video processing we were using custom OpenGL shaders whereas Parse was used for storing and downloading images, videos and sound effects.



- High Quality Movie FX,

- Amazing Quality Cinematic Sound Effect,

- Cinematic Background Music to choose from,

- Export movie in different Resolutions (High and Normal Mode),

- Sharing options (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Email),

- Optimization for Fast Video Processing,

- Multiple in-app-purchases and security mechanism for handling various cases,

- Downloadable assets from Parse.


Languages: Objective-C

Frameworks used: OpenGL ES 2.0, Cocoa Touch (iOS), Core Data (iOS), AVFoundation (iOS), Parse

IDE: xCode


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