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Game Guide

Game Guide

Technologies: Mobile (iOS, Android), Amazon (EC2 and S3)

Category: Reference

Sub-Category: Entertainment, Guide


Guide for Game is pretty self-explanatory app with main purpose of giving both text and video guides for different games (Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, etc.). This app was developed for iOS and Android platform along with server side development. The premise for this app was that it should be created as a template app and easily configurable. Within the app you can find embedded YouTube videos and text guides which were being cached. The admin panel offers options for entering new videos, text guides, creating categories and sending scheduled push notifications.



- Creating categories from admin panel for both text and video guides,

- Adding text guides with formatted text and image,

- Embedding YouTube links as video guides,

- Cashing text guides,

- Ad implementation,

- Scheduling push notifications.


Languages: Objective-C, Ruby, HTML5

Frameworks used: Cocoa Touch (iOS), Android Application Framework (Android), Ruby on Rails (Ruby), Core Data (iOS), OkHttp (Android), EventBus (Android), paperclip (RoR), rails admin (RoR), Google Play Services (Android), MoPub

IDE: xCode, Android Studio, RubyMine


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