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Technologies: Mobile (iOS, Android), Amazon (S3), Heroku

Category: Social

Sub-Category: Entertainment


Social application designed to help users decide between two options by receiving votes and comments from its followers and other users. This application allows the user to create questions by attaching two images. Once the question is publicly available, other users can vote for that question and leave comments. With this, the user who posted the question will decide which of the two options he/she offered is the better choice. The users have the option to manually create an account or connect with either Facebook or Twitter. This app has a social element included that allows users to share questions through different social networks (Facebook, Twitter and LINE), follow other users and be followed, leave comments and replies on questions, and ultimately earn points and improve their ranking. The images are being uploaded to Amazon and the user can use either the camera or the camera roll for uploading these images. A custom JobScheduler framework was developed in SWIFT that enabled us to track the progress of the upload of images, automatically retry the upload if the operation fails (even remembering the progress of the upload and continuing from there). Through this framework, the upload object can be linked with any operation connected with any object (model) in the application. It was designed to be reused in any iOS project with very straightforward implementation.

On the other end is the server with an extensive Admin Panel that provides many options, such as reviewing photos and rejecting/approving them, banning users and devices, sending personalized messages to users, viewing reported users, creating taboo words that will disable users for writing offensive and inappropriate content, etc.



- Complex custom animations,

- Creating profile through manual registration or by using Facebook and Twitter,

- Uploading images and creating questions,

- Possibility to follow users,

- Possibility to vote and skip questions,

- Option to comment on questions and leave replies to comments,

- Option to report questions and block users,

- Numerous push notifications for different news updates,

- Ability to create questions through the client or through the admin panel,

- Admin Panel with options to review, approve and reject questions, ban users and devices, add taboos, send personalized messages to specific users, etc.

Languages: Objective-C, Ruby

Frameworks used: AFNetworking (iOS), AWS (iOS), GoogleAnalytics (iOS), Metaps (iOS), TwitterKit (iOS), Fabric (iOS), AppDavis (iOS), FacebookSDK (iOS), NUI (iOS), Masonry (iOS), JobScheduler (SWIFT), RubyOnRails (Ruby), Activeadmin (Ruby), AWS (Ruby), RSpec (Ruby), Doorkeeper (Ruby), DelayedJob (Ruby), Newrelic RPM (Ruby), Twitter (Ruby), Koala (Ruby)

IDE: xCode, RubyMine


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