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Technologies: Mobile (iOS)

Category: Travel

Sub-Category: Utility


iBalkans is the first multilingual multimedia phrasebook for all the Balkan languages of South-Eastern Europe, including Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Macedonian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian and Turkish. iBalkans is a language learning app with over 850 phrases and words in each of the Balkan languages, which makes it a great learning tool for short visits and travels. Besides these languages the app also comes with English, French, German and Russian language. The app uses local database for storing translations and audio files that allows for offline usage. The app has quizzes that add another entertaining element and makes the user’s experience much more valuable. Additionally, this app served as a basis for creating and delivering over 70 other bilingual apps.



- Creating local database,

- Over 850 phrases and audio files,

- Offline usage,

- Quizzes for testing knowledge,

- Sharing options.


Languages: Objective-C

Frameworks used: Cocoa Touch (iOS), Core Data (iOS)

IDE: xCode


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