Work - Web Factory LLC


Technologies: Mobile (iOS, Android), Amazon (EC2 and S3)

Category: Social

Sub-Category: Dating


Dating application with main purpose of finding people and their contact information which then can be copied and used in corresponding messengers like Kik Messenger, Skype, Kakao, LINE, Yahoo IM, Snapchat, WeChat. The app was developed for both iOS and Android platform along with server side development. Custom Active Admin Panel (RoR) was also created which provided for generating retention stats, popularity by location, panel for approving users and photos, locating taboo keywords, application management etc. The main challenges were mainly optimizing the filtering and the searching of the users by different criteria, uploading the images, creating RESTful API and scheduling push notifications which can be filtered by gender, platform and age. Separate Admin Panel was created to promote other in-house apps. This was created as a library (marketplace) that can be easily implemented in other apps. IDCupid also integrates many Ad Provider SDKs. This app was being developed as a template app with a purpose of being targeted for different markets, thus being easily adaptable and changeable as well as scalable.



- Account creation (via Facebook and email),

- Searching people near you using GPS (in the latest update this functionality was removed and now users have the option to select countries and areas as filters. These are set on the admin panel)

- Filtering search results by different criteria ranging from sexual orientation, age, distance, religion, ethnicity, etc.,

- Obtaining corresponding user names and messengers,

- Approving images from admin panel,

- Taboo managements for words,

- Targeted push notifications.


Languages: Objective-C, Java, Ruby, HTML5

Frameworks used: Cocoa Touch (iOS), Android Application Framework (Android), Ruby on Rails (Ruby), OkHttp (Android), Otto (Android), marketplace (iOS, Android), HTML5Core Data (iOS), carrierwave (RoR), rabl (RoR), MoPub

IDE: xCode, Android Studio, RubyMine


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