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Middnight on Main

Middnight on Main

Technologies: Mobile (iOS, Android), Amazon EC2

Category: Lifestyle

Sub-Category: Travel


Middnight on Main is an iOS and Android app developed especially for New Year’s Eve. The app offers reminder for the event, live feed directly from Twitter, custom Cocos2dx fireworks animation, and live feed from CCTV camera through communication via API. The project also consisted of server side development and of admin panel creation through which the administrator could add events, locations, artists, sponsors, etc.

Currently the app is not available on the market.



- Reviewing events for New Year’s Eve,

- Creating events, locations, artists, sponsors through admin panel,

- Live feed through CCTV camera,

- Push notifications,

- Reminders.


Languages: Objective-C, Java, PHP

Frameworks used: Cocoa Touch (iOS), Android Application Framework (Android), Zend (PHP), Core Data (iOS), Cocos2dx

IDE: xCode, Eclipse


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