Work - Web Factory LLC


Technologies: Mobile (iOS), Amazon (S3, CDN, Cognito), Heroku

Category: Travel

Sub-Category: Video, Social


Video application designed to enable creating video reviews for a number of hotel categories. The application allows the user to search for hotels based on one’s location and create video reviews for maximum of 9 categories per Hotel. The reviews can be created by recording up to 15-second videos which can consist of several sequences that can be reordered later on. The user can publish and upload multiple reviews while rating the categories. The user also has the option to add hotels that are not part of the initial database which, once reviewed, can be approved through the admin panel. This app also has social element included that allows users to share reviews thought different social networks, follow other users and be followed, leave comments and likes on reviews, and ultimately earn points and badges. The hotels are taken from an external API that provides information about each hotel and are being written in the OhTell’s database. This enables users to filter hotels by number of guests, check in/out dates and price range. They receive relevant results as data is updated few times per day and are able to review the Hotel info and its location (using Apple Maps), and for even greater convenience, they can book rooms by navigating to HTML within the app. In case the user prefers a hotel or dislikes a review, one can report specific review or add hotels to one’s wish list for easier access to their information. The user must create an account, which can be done by email or Facebook, and can choose to receive news and notifications from either one’s Facebook friends or followers from the app. Furthermore, there is an admin panel that provides the admin user with insight for everything that happens regarding the client (the app). The admin user has the possibility of reviewing the recorded reviews, its location and decide on their relevance. The admin user has options to create hotels, add available categories for each hotel, approve suggested hotels, as well as change hotels’ and users’ statuses depending on certain violations or limiting information, etc. 



- Creating profile through email and Facebook,

- Sequential video recording with possibility to reorder and edit sequences,

- Streaming videos,

- Uploading videos and images,

- Sharing on social networks (Open Graph Stories on Facebook, Twitter share, email share, etc.),

- Searching hotels based on GPS or status set by admin,

- Searching users based on status set by admin,

- Possibility to follow users, like and comment on reviews,

- Option to add hotels to Wish list,

- Option to report reviews,

- Creating reviews and hotels through client and admin,

- Possibility to filter hotels based on number of guests, date and price and to book hotels through external HTML presented within the app,

- Push notifications,

- Extensive Analytics,

- Complex admin panel with multiple reviews with map and video,

- Option to track all data for users in admin panel (reviews created, following users, hotels created),

- Tight integration with external Expedia API,

- Complex API calls.

Languages: Objective-C, Ruby

Frameworks used: Cocoa Touch (iOS), AFNetworking (iOS), MediaPlayer (iOS), CoreVideo (iOS), CoreMedia (iOS), CoreLocation (iOS), CFNetwork (iOS), AudioToolbox (iOS), FacebookSDK (iOS), SDWebImage (iOS), Masonry (iOS), MagicalRecord (iOS), Google-Maps-iOS-SDK (iOS), RubyOnRails (Ruby), Activeadmin (Ruby), Devise (Ruby), Pushmeup (Ruby)

IDE: xCode, RubyMine


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