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Technologies: Mobile (iOS), Redis, Amazon (S3), Heroku, Web

Category: Social

Sub-Category: Chat


Unique chat application that allows users to chat while in pairs. The app requires users to sign up or log in and search for their buddy so that they can like other users’ photos and apply for chat rooms. The Location service is essential part of the app since it gives more accurate results that can provide the user with relevant information. Users have several options for adding a buddy, ranging from standard ID searching to scanning QR codes and inviting others through custom LINE message/invitation. Once paired with a buddy, the user can post photos that will be presented in other users’ timeline. The user can also post different images and can filter the results based on a distance from his/hers current location. Once a chat room request is sent, the other pair can decide whether to accept or decline the request i.e. start a chat. Users can chat in the same room and they can simultaneously open private rooms between each other so that they can talk more privately. There are tons of options ranging from sharing, hiding, saving and deleting specific photos to blocking and reporting users. The app is abundant with custom-made animations that can be found throughout the app, such as liking and applying for chat, swiping through cards, custom actions sheets and presenting private chat bubbles. The user also has the option to set his/hers own ID and password so to be able to log in more easily in the future. The user can see the latest news through extensive use of push notifications that are populating the News and the room lists with different types of news items and custom-made badges indicating new messages, likes, requests, etc. The biggest challenge while creating this app was the real-time communication between clients. The mere fact that one action can directly affect 4 users was a huge challenge since we had to track and update multiple statuses for each user so to promptly refresh and present relevant experience corresponding to the actual status. An extensive error handling was implemented so that the user can have the exact information when certain actions aren’t possible.

On the other end we have the admin panel providing the admin user with multiple options. The admin user can decide to review, approve or reject photos, add taboo words that would get swapped with special characters on the client side, revise users’ histories as well as pairs’ histories, ban users, send personal admin messages to specific users, send push notifications, etc. A separate server was activated to present extensive custom statistics for active users on a daily basis, posted photos on certain days, received and sent likes, etc. 

Currently this app is only available on the Japanese market.



- Numerous custom animations,

- Searching pairs and photos based on GPS location of the user and the corresponding photos (refining search based on distance),

- Option to add buddies by searching IDs, scanning QR codes and inviting through LINE,

- Option for users to upload cover photos in their pair page, hide pair photos, save photos to their gallery or delete them,

- Blocking/unblocking and reporting other users by limiting the news delivered from them,

- Browsing through photos in timeline, liking other pair photos and applying to pairs for chat,

- Real-time chat in pair (between 4 users) and private rooms (between 2 users) where users can send messages and media files (images),

- Options to accept and decline room requests and to close rooms,

- Complex navigation between screens,

- Extensive Analytics using Flurry,

- Numerous push notifications for different news updates,

- Complex error handling,

- Custom statistics for each active user,

- Admin Panel with options to review, approve and reject photos, ban users, review pairs’ and users’ histories, add taboos, send personalized messages to specific users, etc.

Languages: Objective-C, Ruby, Java

Frameworks used: Cocoa Touch (iOS), AFNetworking (iOS), SDWebImage(iOS) SocketRocket(iOS), AWS-SDK(iOS), RubyOnRails (Ruby), Activeadmin (Ruby), Doorkeeper (Ruby), HTTPParty (Ruby), Java Play framework (Java), Akka (Java), Spring(Java)

IDE: xCode, RubyMine


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