Work - Web Factory LLC


Technologies: Mobile (iOS, Android)

Category: Travel

Sub-Category: Lifestyle


PronadjiMi is a personalized guide for finding hotels, gas stations, restaurants, hospitals, ATMs, etc. all over Serbia. The app uses GPS for showing the closest places. The app communicates via API and uses open street maps for navigating the user. It allows the user to bookmark his/her favorites, rate a specific place and review a gallery of images for specific places.



- Searching places by category,

- Filtering places depending on user’s location,

- Sharing, rating and bookmarking places,

- Reviewing galleries for specific places,

- Open street maps for navigation,

- API communication.

Languages: Objective-C, Java

Frameworks used: Cocoa Touch (iOS), Android Application Framework (Android), OpenStreetMap + MapBox

IDE: xCode, Eclipse


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