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Technologies: Mobile (iOS), Amazon (S3), Heroku

Category: Game

Sub-Category: Entertainment, Education


This application is a turn-based quiz game consisting of several rounds during one game. The purpose of the game is for the players to answer questions from 10 different categories (previously uploaded on server) by placing a pin on an offline map. The winner is decided based on the distance from the correct answer (e.g., placing a pin in Germany when the answer is in fact the US will result in roughly 5,000km). In order to play, the users have to create accounts (email or Facebook registration). Once in the game they can search through players within the app, challenge them, add them as friends, block them or invite their Facebook friends to play. The user can also play games against random opponents based on an algorithm to match two users who simultaneously are looking for a random game. During each round, the player has the option to use different hints by spending in-game currency for each hint used. The user can unlock achievements and reach certain levels that provide him/her with extra currency or time-limited offers on currencies and enhancements. In app purchases range from in-game currency to different map styles and level boosters for quicker advancement in the game. Furthermore, the users have the option to chat with each other. Lastly, advanced statistics provide a more in-depth experience for the users and keep them engaged (statistics include percentage of games won, winning streaks, his/her position on a global and country level and score against each opponent). 



- Account creation (via Facebook and email),

- Searching players and creating games,

- Hints, jokers, nudges,

- Chat functionality,

- Various calculation logics depending on the accuracy, time and distance,

- Offline maps,

- Various categories and questions, shuffling,

- Playing with random players, friends and Facebook friends,

- Video animations and custom animations,

- Incentivized invitations,

- Drawing and coloring states,

- Push Notifications,

- In-App-Purchases and limited time-offers,

- Player’s statistics and achievements,

- Various music and sound effects,

- Sharing results (Facebook, Twitter),

- Analytics,

- Ads,

- Complex API calls,

- Bots,

- Advanced localization (German).

Languages: Objective-C, Ruby

Frameworks used: Cocoa Touch (iOS), Ruby on Rails (Ruby), Pusher, MoPub

IDE: xCode, RubyMine


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