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Technologies: Mobile (iOS, Android), Web

Category: Entertainment

Sub-Category: Photo/Camera


Live preview camera app which allows the user to create funny photos by applying diversity of facial stickers. It was developed for both iOS and Android platforms, the main challenges being the implementation of facial recognition for all orientations, application of stickers when multiple faces present, processing and optimization of images and creation of custom gallery. The Android version required manual optimization of the facial recognition. The effects/stickers are being stored and downloaded from Parse. Ridicolo has in-app-purchases implemented.



- Live camera effects,

- Over 90 hilarious FX,

- Applying effects on photos from your library,

- Various categories,

- Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Mail, Flickr, Weibo, WeChat),

- Party mode option for random application of stickers,

- Random FX selection,

- Ad implementation for incentivized unlocking possibilities,

- In-app purchases,

- Custom gallery,

- Optimization of images,

- Localization on 8 different languages.


Languages: Objective-C, Java, C, HTML5 (web responsive), CSS 3

Frameworks used: Cocoa Touch (iOS), Android Application Framework (Android), JNI (Java Native Interface), Parse, AVFoundation (iOS), Core Data (iOS), Core Graphics (iOS), Android NDK (Android)

IDE: xCode, Eclipse


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