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Technologies: Mobile (iOS), Amazon (EC2 and S3), Heroku, Web

Category: Social

Sub-Category: Event planning


SphereCal is an app originally imagined to bring together people with common interests. It is activity-centric, providing quick and easy way to share user created events with a wider audience, thus creating new friendships that share the users’ sphere of interest. The original idea got expanded to include brand Spheres that can use SphereCal to organize events and keep in touch with its customer base. This is made possible through a web-based admin panel so to include additional options required by brand admins.

To expand the app’s usability, SphereCal utilizes location services to pinpoint the events’ location, iCalendar and Google Calendar to integrate with the users’ existing schedules, and Facebook to make it easier for the user to find his/her Facebook friends that are already using the app. SphereCal also makes use of the users’ contacts to send the event via SMS to his/her friends that are not connected with SphereCal in any way. This puts SphereCal in a unique position, for it can be useful to a user even if none of his/her friends are using the app. All event sharing outside the app is done by a generated URL which makes it possible for the event to be shared by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and for the user to receive feedback.
Server side wise, this app has many complex relations between members, users and events and also applies very complex privacy options set from the users themselves.

The SphereCal client is currently built for iOS (7.0+) platform backed by RoR.



- Creating account (via Facebook and email)

- Chronological event feed,

- Creating events with different parameters,

- Inviting and sharing events,

- Private and public groups (spheres),

- Managing spheres,

- Adding friends,

- Creating events from web,

- RSVP without having the app downloaded,

- Reviewing statistics on admin (created spheres, reports, users, etc.),

- RESTful API,

- Dyno management (Hirefire),

- Uploading images (Amazon S3),

- Recurring events,

- Integrated google locations.


Languages: Objective-C, Ruby, HTML5 (web responsive), CSS 3

Frameworks used: Cocoa Touch (iOS), Ruby on Rails (Ruby), unicorn (RoR), kaminari (RoR), httparty (RoR), rabl (RoR), oj (RoR), phony (RoR), mongoid (RoR), nexmo (RoR), Houston (RoR), geokit-rails (RoR), delay_job (RoR), newrelic (RoR), bootstrap (RoR), rspec (RoR), activeadmin (RoR)

Third party services used: Heroku, AWS S3, PostgreSQL (DataBase), MongoDB (DataBase), Mailgun, NewRelic

IDE: xCode, RubyMine


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