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Project management
Coming short on estimations?
Any project, no matter the industry, should be aware of the risks and their
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The future of work
Do you fear the rise of exponential technology and its potential to take ov
How close are we to Ruby 3×3?
It doesn’t take long for developers who are using Ruby on a daily bas
How Kotlin improves overall developer experience
From the official unveiling of the new JetBrains project in 2011 to its fir
HR & Recruitment
Picture your interview results on top. Read this and make it so
Before I dig deeper in the topic, let me first dispose of the urban legends
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Joel Spolsky on Stack Overflow
Among the keynote speakers that were a part of the WeAreDevelopers conferen
Seeing the new age web apps through #weAreDevelopers eyes
Not being very familiar with progressive web apps, service workers and web
Conferences & Events
Do not flush over cities
WeAreDevelopers, the name of the conference says it all. Once a year develo