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An approach to supporting multiple locales in an Angular 8 Universal SPA using cookies and the Express engine

As most people are already aware, a normal Angular application executes in the browser , rendering pages in the DOM in response to user actions. The application code is transpiled into JavaScript, so when we open the website, we are mostly waiting for all of those scripts to download so we can start the execution of […]

An approach to dynamic theme color generation in Angular

Designing and theming is one of the most important parts of the Web Development process. In theory, a web application is always created to solve a specific set of problems for the end-users, and as long as the application fulfills its primary goal, it will always attract the users which require that solution. A good […]

Getting started with programmatic animations using the Angular Animations API

The @angular/animations package is a powerful tool that you can utilize to your advantage in creating great experiences for your users. A simple animation like fade in or fade out may prove to be super effective in upgrading your applications. Adding simple animations like this does not take longer than 10 minutes of development time, but it […]