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The Future of Mobile E-Commerce: 7 Emerging Trends & Predictions

Mobile e-commerce (or m-commerce) is quickly become the dominant form of online shopping. Consumers are increasingly using their phones to purchase goods and services, and businesses that weren’t prepared for the mobile revolution are stuck playing catch-up. At Web Factory, it’s our job to help our clients avoid this fate by future proofing every solution […]

Modirum Expands Its Global Footprint with the Acquisition of Web Factory in Skopje, North Macedonia

Modirum, a leading global provider of secure payment solutions, announced today the successful acquisition of Web Factory, a reputable software development company based in Skopje, North Macedonia. The strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone for Modirum Group, further fuelling its growth and establishing a strong presence in one of the most flourishing IT talent markets […]

The Role of Mobile E-commerce in Building Stronger Customer Relationships

As an e-commerce business, interacting with your digital assets and online presence are the only way customers can form a connection with your brand. It’s not like they can walk into your store and say hello. But how do you win them over virtually? That’s the million- (sometimes even billion-) dollar question for ecommerce companies. […]

5 Keys to Successful Digital Transformation

Over the past few years, digital transformation has become a mandatory process for every organization that wants to stay competitive, culminating when the Covid-19 pandemic has influenced both companies and users to go digital with their products and jobs. Tech Republic refers to digital transformation as a concept on how to use technology to reshape […]

The Fundamentals of Effective Digital Transformation

Effective digital transformation is still an enigma for many businesses. A surprising number of organizations aren’t aware of the positive outcomes it can bring. In fact, Everest Group discovered that 73% of companies struggled to derive any business value through their digital transformation activities. Digital transformation is the fundamental shift that impacts market operations, economies, […]

10 questions for 10th anniversary | Interview with Aleksandar Jovchevski

After the interviews with Goran Shopovski and Sasha Krstev, next in line is Aleksandar Jovchevski, who also joined us 10 years ago. Aleksandar Jovchevski a.k.a Alex joined the team as an iOS developer after working for a few big companies. Alex, during these past 10 years, has been involved in building our mobile team, our […]