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How to Build Customer Loyalty in Digital Banking | Payments | Cashback Applications

Fintech spend is rapidly growing. Small banks and fintech startups have recognized the moment for digitization and decided to seize it. According to Business Insider, 79% of banks’ IT spend is focused on digital customer experience. As 71% of millennials find having a banking app “very important”, digital banking apps are obviously the future of banks. Fintech […]

The future of work

Do you fear the rise of exponential technology and its potential to take over all our jobs? Do you worry that no matter how good you are and how experienced, a computer will eventually do your job better than you? I hate to say this, but you’re probably right. But once we acknowledge this, we […]

Coming short on estimations? Might have something to do with your risk strategy.

Any project, no matter the industry, should be aware of the risks and their impediments when they occur. Whether a manager, a cook, a developer, or a mechanic, you face risks every day, you just might not comprehend them as such or just see them as a regular thing happening. Working in outsource, where expectations […]