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Q Where is Macedonia? Back Copy 3
Macedonia is located in Eastern Europe. Macedonia is a democratic country that became independent from former Yugoslvia in the 90s. Macedonia is recognized as EU candidate country and being processed join officially
Q What is the economy like? Back Copy 3

Macedonia is rapidly growing in economy driven by overall growth of Eastern Europe especially in IT. It has an open culture familiar to Western Europe as English is mandated. Widely recognized by top consulting companies as top ranking country to work with*

*Source: World bank 2020 Doing business 2020

Q Is Macedonia a suitable country for offshore? Back Copy 3
Like Ukraine and Bulgaria, Macedonia has been demanded by US/Canada, Western European IT giants and Japanese IT for offshore development for ease of work, ease of communication, cost merits, and highly educated engineering resources.
Q What is the working culture? Back Copy 3
Working ethics of Macedonia is known for its discipline and its quality. Macedonia offshores have been working with top tier IT giants and its ethics have been appreciated
Q How about working on Weekends and overtime? Back Copy 3
Regular working hours are typically Mon-Fri 8:30-16:30. Depending on the timezone customers are in, flexible working hours are practiced to accommodate needs. Reasonable hours of overtime is accepted and regulated by law
Q Are they familiar with Japan? Back Copy 3
Macedonia and Japan have a long history of city development starting from the 60s. When Macedonia was hit by a devastating earthquake, Japanese government supported its rebuild and there are many buildings that were designed by Japanese architect Mr. Tange.
Q How do you manage time zone differences? Back Copy 3
Time difference is 8 hours (GMT+1) in winter and 7 hours (GMT+2) in the summer. Late afternoon in Japan is a morning in Macedonia, there are 3-4 hours of overlap in working hours. This is a plus as you can expect progress overnight.
Q What is the communication language and it's tools? Back Copy 3
Communication language is English. Macedonia mandates English and speaks Fluent English. Popular tools are Slack, Jira, and Git.
Q Who is Web Factory? Back Copy 3
Web Factory started as a self founded Macedonian domestic entity in 2009 by 4 engineers. It has grown to a nationally recognized software development company, in top 5%, and currently employs over 80 engineers. From 2023, it's a part of Modirum Group.
Q Who is Modirum Group? Back Copy 3
Modirum Group is a global leader in secure payment solutions, specializing in providing advanced technology platforms that facilitate secure digital transactions. With a strong presence in over 50 countries worldwide, Modirum delivers cutting-edge payment solutions to clients in various industries, including banking, e-commerce, retail, and telecommunications.
Q What kind of service does Web Factory offer? Back Copy 3
We offer engagement support from ideation phase, Prototyping, DevOps, and QA. We have IT consultants, UI/UX designers, specialists in certain industries, and professional engineers to help customers develop efficiently from idea to launch
Q We don’t have CTO or Engineering resources. Can we develop App/Service with WF? Back Copy 3
Yes. We have Architects, Project Managers, IT consultants, and engineers to work with you from ideation phase to productize customer’s ideas by choosing best technologies and architectures that scale for customer’s growth. We offer Project Management Office as necessary
Q Do you work with Startups? Can we start development without specification? Back Copy 3
Yes. It is possible. We have experience in supporting startups, projects that start application / service development when the specifications are not fixed, and methods of developing prototypes and brushing up rather than dropping them in the specifications because changes are always required. We have experienced such, therefore, we use Ruby on Rails or Python to make it easy to create prototypes at high speed and develop with an agile approach.
Q Do you offer N-1 level Japanese speaking bridge SE? Back Copy 3
Yes. We can provide native Japanese and N-1 level Japanese speaking bridge SE. However, we encourage pier to pier communications in English and Japanese, not solely relying on bridge SE for consolidated communications.
Q What are the assignment principles? Back Copy 3
We respect the time and cost of the learning curve of engineers. We have a principle of not reallocating engineers once assigned to a project to prevent such. Our engineers are allowed to stay within the same industry and same customers so it benefits customers and engineers learn deeply within the same domain. This system resulted in lower than average retention rate of employees
Q What are the education and training levels of engineers? Back Copy 3
98% of Web Factory MK’s employees have college degrees in engineering or computer science.
Q What is the average salary of software engineers in Macedonia? Back Copy 3
According to United Nation EC* Average annual salary if 1.2M Yen
Q Do you recommend T&M? Do you offer a Project base? Back Copy 3
Almost all of (say, more than 95%) our customers we work with choose T&M to optimize their development processes and retain resources. However all of the customers start with a project base as a test period and then move to T&M if they are satisfied with WF.
Q What is the T&M contract term? Back Copy 3
It is an annual 12 months basis. There will be a trial period for customers to test WF as project base contract, then move to T&M upon customer’s acceptance of WF
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