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Every company wants to do great things, make better decisions, please clients and perform at the

Web Factory November 19, 2019
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Every company wants to do great things, make better decisions, please clients and perform at the highest possible level. When we started Web Factory 10 years ago, we knew that the biggest driver of performance is our team culture. Freedom at Work is our productivity hack! We have created a culture based on core values of transparency, happiness, growth, and quality teamwork which enable us to work smarter, faster, and better.

A few weeks ago, we celebrated our 🎉10 years of awesomeness 🎉and our new visual identity. The celebration reflected how we’ve evolved over the years and what we’ve become. With the rebranding, we wanted to state and clearly demonstrate something of particular importance, our unique culture, our team boldness. It was an amazing day, a great time spent together to celebrate the extraordinary decade we have! With a throwback to the very beginning of the company and the birth of our unique team culture, our 10th birthday flourished the story of a small company that wasn’t afraid to dream ambitiously and grow on a significant scale

10 years, WE work as a team, WE play as a team, WE grow as a team! 🙌

🙌We stand for freedom at work.

🙌We have a positive company culture.

🙌We thrive as a team.

🎉We are now The First Company from Macedonia to Be Certified as the Freedom-Centered Culture Organization 🎉

With research showing the decline of democracy worldwide, Web Factory now represents a high point in advancing business through freedom and democracy, and democracy and freedom in the world through business.

Throughout the years, we have been rewarded for success and have been recognized by different organizations for various achievements. However, this is one of our most important recognitions because it’s all about the team and everything that we aim for.

As the first organization in Macedonia to earn certification with WorldBlu, we are true trailblazers for Freedom at Work!

At the beginning of the summer, we had the first meeting with Miranda Ash and Traci Fenton from WorldBlu. They said that they would like to nominate us for their Freedom-Centered Cultures ™ reward and that we would be the very first company from Macedonia on this list. Confidently acknowledging the fact that more than 70% of our colleagues would have to certify that we are indeed one of the best workplace cultures in the world, we proceeded with the certification process and we were pretty excited to find out how we work and how the majority of the team feel about that.

Having 70% of the team members to participate in a survey that has eight page, full of questions, nothing related to coding or project documentation, was indeed a challenge. Certification as a WorldBlu Freedom-Centered Culture is one of the only certifications in the world that is determined entirely by team members – not an outside panel of judges.

The team has confirmed that we are a freedom-centric organization. Also, we are pleased to know that a company from our country is on that list, next to such great companies as Meetup, The Groupon, Hulu, #Pandora, Zappos , #WD-40, Menlo Innovations, #Podio, etc.

Web Factory was founded with the idea to create a happy workplace. A place where the team would love to spend the work hours. And that story is developed on talent and our core values:


Quality over everything else. Never compromise on quality work — that’s what paves the road to success! Brainpower is our biggest ace. Excellence is our strongest habit.


At Web Factory, everyone’s a team player. Everything we do, we do as a team, every day, and on every project.

Teamwork is how we maximize productivity and minimize fallouts. We believe that when an individual is given enough freedom and responsibility within a team, they will always make the right decision — and help the team move in the right direction.


Ever-growing, ever-evolving — never idle. Engagement as the fundamental law in the workspace, complete freedom to be who you are now, and become who you aim to be tomorrow.

Happiness at work

Happiness at work is our very own productivity hack. We believe it’s extremely important to be content with what you do — happy people try their best and do their best, and don’t mind going the extra mile. We take pride in our work — not because we have to but because we want to.


We always deliver on our promises. We communicate openly. Each one of us feels a responsibility towards the team, the clients, the company, and ultimately, towards ourselves. To do better, and be better.


We nurture relationships. We trust the people we work with — both clients and team members. We encourage them to trust us back with impressive results.


We nurture relationships and we believe that open communication is the foundation of every successful collaboration. We dedicate a lot of time and effort to staying honest and transparent, beginning to end. Progress checks, one-on-one meetings, and honest & constructive feedback are our tried-and-tested formulas. Encouraging open communication is the way we overcome obstacles and move forward with confidence because we believe open communication is the foundation of every successful collaboration.

To enjoy working and be surrounded with the happy, friendly and responsible team only means that we really share the same values, we appreciate the trust in each other and we believe that we can do great things together. The idea and friendship behind the creation of Web Factory resulted in outstanding growth and success. We know it’s pretty challenging to keep this kind of culture when the team is exponentially growing. We will work hard to keep our company culture and the team will always be in the first place.

The work you love. The person you are. The difference we make.

In order to have an even happier workplace, we keep expanding the list with perks and benefits for our team:

🕐Flexible Working Hours (REALLY FLEXIBLE)

🍹Office Bar

🃏Board Games

🏀Sport Activities

🎮Video Games

🏓Table Tennis

🍻WF BeerFest Friday

🏥Private Health Insurance

💆‍♂️💆‍♀️FitKit monthly credits for sport & relax


🐕Office pets

Cheers to that🍻

If you are interested in hearing more about our efforts to build one of the best workplace cultures in the world, follow us on LinkedinFacebookTwitterInstagram, read our clients reviews on Clutch and reach out.

We think in terms of innovative ⚫ Digital solutions.

We create complex end-to-end systems that deliver ⚫ Outstanding results.

We perform the most effective development in a ⚫ Streamlined process.

We impress both end-users and ⚫ Clients.

Every day, we challenge the technology of tomorrow.

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