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How can a mobile app enhance your eCommerce business?

Web Factory October 24, 2023
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When you run an eCommerce business, it is vital that you give your business every opportunity to grow. There are so many avenues for exploration and growth that it takes time to choose the right path. If you are intent on a digital transformation, you should focus on developing a mobile app.

You might assume that, as an eCommerce company, you have no use for mobile apps. Yet this is not the case. Mobile apps not only open up how you can communicate with your clientele, but they can make it easier to get sales. You can find that many people who do not shop on a desktop computer find your app and buy through that instead. Why, though, should you invest in a mobile app? 

Let us look at some of the primary benefits you get when you start using a mobile app as part of your eCommerce business.

How can a mobile app enhance your eCommerce business?

Widen your catchment area

The main reason to focus on mobile apps as part of your eCommerce marketing is their availability. Many people prefer browsing, shopping, and buying via mobile apps. Apps tend to be the place people search first before they go to visit a physical store or even a company website.

Smartphone buyers via apps are also more likely to leave product ratings and reviews. This makes it easier to encourage people to interact with your business after the purchase, further incentivizing others to get involved in using your business themselves.

Apps tend to increase trust

Another reason to have an app is that when someone reviews your business, they will want to see your communication avenues. They will first look to see if you have a website, a social media presence, and an app. Companies that can point to having an app have a much greater chance of being able to increase trust. Apps must be verified before they are allowed on stores like Google Play and Apple stores. Therefore, if you have a verified app, it enhances trust that you are safe.

Easier interface

For some people, an eCommerce website can feel needlessly complex, even when designed with simplicity in mind. A well-designed mobile app, though, allows for an easier shopping experience. You can make the design easy enough to use so people can filter through the content and buy what they want without hassles.

A mobile app tends to have a simple but clean interface, making it easier for people to find what they want and need. This can be very useful to increase sales, as your app can have a non-intrusive, easy-to-use interface.

Provide easier promotions and loyalty

One major benefit of having a mobile app is that you can easily run loyalty programs and similar promotions. That is very effective if you want to encourage repeat business. A mobile app can increase customer loyalty as you can create a more personalized experience. Users can set preferences on what kind of content they want to see, what type of product(s) they are searching for, and, generally, what kind of benefit(s) your business can bring to the table. With an app, you can create a more bespoke experience for each user through personal analysis and feedback based on their interactions with your app. Location and purchase history can be easily worked into the app, further personalizing the experience. 

Make the most of notifications

Mobile apps also allow you to extend your marketing to a new level. For example, you could send push notifications about sales, discounts, and promotions. This is useful as it can increase engagement, encourage people to look at your latest wares, and make it easier to upsell to people who might not have remembered to revisit your website.

Apps allow you to be more visible, with regular notification updates and communications. This is more effective than simply having it on your eCommerce website or even sending promotions via email marketing. 

Mobile apps are extremely useful for any eCommerce business looking to diversify its product line further and improve customer loyalty. From making it easier to find products aimed at each individual to creating consistent return business, an app can be more than an additional point of purchase. Get people involved more, ensure your business is not forgotten, and build a platform that encourages repeat business. Your eCommerce website might be great; having a mobile app as a companion could take your business to the next level.

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