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How to Optimize your Metaverse Experience with Offshore Development

Web Factory December 3, 2021
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What is the 2021 Metaverse experience?

Metaverse became a hot topic when Facebook changed its name to Meta. Metaverse sounds like new technology, but its (over)simplified meaning is “virtual space.” At the moment, the meaning is described in WiKi as “The original meaning of Metaverse is a virtual three-dimensional space built on the Internet”, but it changes a little depending on the position.

This blog assumes that related technologies are evolving at a tremendous pace and include transactions using blockchain technologies such as NFTs. Also, since the user scenario of the metaverse space using headsets such as Oculus will change a little, we will talk about the metaverse experience on the browser, which is expected to become more popular.

Metaverse becomes a more familiar technology

The Metaverse space was also SECOND LIFE in the 2000s, but what is the difference from now in 2021? The following evolutions are mainly important.

  • Evolution of hardware (especially image processing)
  • Evolution of communication environment
  • Evolution of the user experience designed for a specific purpose
  • Popularization of crypto ecosystems such as NFT

Not to mention the evolution of hardware, the performance of both CPU and graphics has dramatically increased according to Moore’s Law, and the processing power of the desktop PC level released around 2019 to 2020 and the same performance as the latest iPhone 13, iPhone 13 is exceeded depending on the benchmark item.

In addition, the communication environment is from ADSL and 2G / 3G to the current 5G, the speed and reaction speed (latency) have a sense of alienation, and the WiFi environment at home is also normally adopted from 802.11b to 11n, WiFi6.

And unlike the time when the purpose was to develop the metaverse space itself, services that optimized the user experience by designing specific purposes such as live, fashion, office space, etc. have already begun to be released and based on the voice of users. Development is progressing.

For example, Microsoft has enabled collaboration in the Metaverse space with PowerPoint and Excel , offering a world and experience that is different from the level of video conference and co-editing. The movement of the fans, the dance moves of the artist, etc. are wonderfully designed for the experience that can only be realized by Metaverse.

In the music scene, Twenty One Pilots participates in the Metaverse space with fans, and the artists also wear suits that capture movements , so they express dance and performance in real-time even in the Metaverse space. In addition, digital items of artists by NFT that guarantee the buying and selling of digital art such as Ethereum and NEM using blockchain technology called Crypto Ecosystem can also be bought and sold, and it has started at major British auction Christie’s.

Also in fashion, services such as trying on items expressed in 3D on the user’s avatar and enjoying it have started.

The platform for developing these metaverses is the default development environment for 3D game development such as Unity and Unreal. Almost all 3D and 2.5D (such as Domori) that you play on your smartphone are developed in Unity or Unreal.

Metaverse experience that does not require specific hardware

As before in 2021, the hardware, software, and communication environment have evolved dramatically.

We are moving from a method of installing an application locally in the hardware and processing it in the local hardware to a method of performing 3D rendering processing on the server-side and pixel processing in the browser of the device. This is called the Fusion server in Unity, and Unity writes an article about 3D streaming delivery.

Simply put, you can enjoy the 3D Metaverse space on many devices such as smartphones and PCs on your browser without the need for specific hardware or apps.

Why game development takes place in Europe?

North America, Europe, and Japan are the main development countries for game development, but in some parts of Europe it is used as offshore development for major companies in North America and Western Europe, and many Unity and Unreal developers have grown up. We are also accumulating development know-how. In addition, there are many 3D modellers indispensable for the development of Metaverse space in the European market, and we undertake the development of major companies in North America and Western Europe and have excellent technical and design capabilities.

Just recently, Facebook (again Meta) has announced that it will hire 12,000 Metaverse engineers in Europe. This is one proof that there are so many Unity / Unreal engineers.

The above is explained in detail in the blog “Europe, where IT majors invest as an offshore development base“.

Of course, development is possible outside of Unity and Unreal, but since Unity and Unreal have many libraries, basic 3D models, and 3D models that can be purchased, we currently consider development costs and time. And Unity or Unreal.

Web Factory MK is based in Europe and has excellent development staff such as Unity, Unreal and WebGL as full-time employees and also provides demonstrations.

Let’s talk about how Metaverse can be deployed in your business.