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What is a matching app development?

The matching software system, based on data, connects the things that need each other. It saves your time by automating the pre-selection process that helps you to make the right decisions. Also, this opens a new world of business opportunities which you can obtain. The matching application can be applied to many industries such as partner matching, employers and employees, skills and individuals, start-ups and investors, etc. by expanding the sharing economy. Matching services are already pervasive in everyday life and we are looking for professional or personal matching on your desktop or smartphone. In addition, companies that provide matching services are always looking for the matching target that users want, and high-quality matching accuracy is required. User expectations for matching services are high, and the app market is improving and competing very quickly. The development of matching apps requires not only function development and improvement, but also the speed of market launch.

Development Flow

Web Factory MK will provide free consultation time for engineers to review applications and review existing source code. After that, we provide professional consulting on customer matching service functions, customer value proposition, UI / UX, performance, or infrastructure.

Please contact us by phone or contact form first. The technical team will respond and contact you from the sales department when necessary. We will promptly conclude the NDA necessary to disclose the desired confidential information.


1. Product definition

We’ll discuss your product idea and help you precisely define it.


2. Evaluation

Start with evaluation and unique design proposal and best practice tech proposal.


3. Team formation

We’ll form a dedicated team according to the product’s needs and requirements. Our team will start developing the product using the assets we already have.


4. Development

Together, we will meet the product expectations and will release it on the market.


5. Launch

We will ensure the product is stable, functional, and passes all standards and requirements.

Necessary elements for a matching site


All matching applications have a set of features that are common to many services, including user registration / sign-in, user profiles, matching engines, reviews, posts, DBs, APIs, and mobile applications. Unique to all of this is the unique value and great user experience that companies must offer in matching different profiles with their target market.


Make use of modules and packages

If there are many online services that are needed and proven to work, it is inefficient to build them from scratch on your own. Many of the blocks that consist of functional modules have already been developed and have proven to work well in terms of functionality and ease of use. In addition, these functional modules are well tested, designed, developed, and ready to use.

Web Factory MK has a track record of developing matching apps in various industries and can realize high-quality matching services. We support the provision of matching services with high user satisfaction.

Why choose Web Factory MK?

For the 12 years since its inception, Web Factory MK has developed many matching applications for a variety of industries. We have been working on developing matching apps to help people find romance, work, travel companions, sports opponents, and more. What we've noticed is that they all have about 60% common functionality and have proven to work across industries. We decided to design them into coding blocks, UI blocks, and UX blocks to help our clients speed up product and software development. Web Factory MK helps you build matching services and bring them to market faster using existing feature modules, services, and tools available.

Your business requirements

  • Industry specifics
  • Visual design
  • Functionalities needed

Our expertise

  • Matching algorithms (filter or AI/ML)
  • UX/UI
  • Marketing Automation integration
  • Matching system development

Users inputs

  • Multi-user type log in
  • Multi-user profile login
  • Search, registration, apply/inquiry/my page
  • Messaging between users/various payments

Contact us to better understand how can we jump start your matching application

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Get a 40 hours of free consultation

We take the time to discuss your project at length with you, prior to any formal agreements or work taking place.


Experienced development team

If there are many online services that are needed and proven to work, it is inefficient to build them from scratch on In recent years, due to the rapid increase in software demand, the shortage of software engineers and rising costs around the world have become issues, making it more difficult than ever to build a team. It takes months to set up a legal entity, find an office, create and post a classified ad, profiling, interviewing, hiring, and more. Furthermore, it usually takes at least half a year to a year to improve the proficiency of a team through management from the team structure.

All Web Factory MK engineers are full-time employees who have passed rigorous entrance exams and multiple technical interviews, and have passed technical training and in-house exams for up to six months after joining the company. In addition, team management is done by experienced senior engineers. We can optimize the development process and reduce costs by actively utilizing the functional modules and know-how for building matching apps that we own and compressing much of the team composition and initial development.


Faster time-to-market

If there are many online services that are needed and proven to work, it is inefficient to build them from scratch on In today’s competitive app market, where DX transformation is progressing, you can see many common patterns of usability in apps of the same category that have different designs but a common interface.

In such cases, it is necessary to design your own, but you do not have to develop everything from scratch. Many features are shared by open source libraries, and many elements, such as frameworks and suitable development platforms, have standard types, and there are also reasons why such types are valid.

Software modules with many features have been developed and market-tested by software developers such as Web Factory MK, and many have been accepted by users and proven to be excellent. At Web Factory MK, by actively utilizing the know-how gained in the development of matching applications, software modules, and open source libraries, we can develop matching applications for customers more efficiently and shorten the time to market. It also enables cost reduction.

Develop an optimized and customized matching app

If there are many online services that are needed and proven to work, it is inefficient to build them from scratch on In today’s Web Factory MK has worked with many start-ups, large corporations and entrepreneurs to shape creative ideas in the matching platform market and develop them into applications.

The competition in the app market is fierce and constantly needs to be improved, and it is very important to shorten the time to market. At the time of development, new features often become commonplace when released.

Matching applications have many common functions, and even if you spend time developing all of them, you can guarantee the originality, but in order to develop more efficiently, the base frame and many functions are added to the existing framework, It’s more efficient to combine libraries and the functional modules we can offer to customize and develop, allowing customers to spend time on key parts such as business models and marketing. In fact, this is the mainstream approach for start-ups.

Web Factory MK provides the best proposals and developments for services and markets based on know-how in the entire development process as follows.


Creative UI / UX Design

We provide creative and UI / UX design and prototype app design.


Performance architecture

Design and develop for low-cost operation while maintaining excellent performance that directly contributes to the user experience.


Agile development

We provide a development system to flexibly respond to the development.


Highly scalable matching platform

Design and develop for low-cost operation while maintaining excellent performance that directly contributes to the user experience.


User psychology know-how

We provide UI / UX design based on user psychology and build a highly functional matching site.


High level of security

Develop through enterprise-class security and testing.

We develop matching apps agilely using the latest and most suitable technology, and make continuous improvements to UI / UX based on data analysis. We support up to the stage called product fit, which is accepted by users and the number of downloads and active users increases dramatically.

Other Supports

We can also provide further support in the following areas:

Product Development and UX / UI

We support MVP development by providing product planning, development process optimization, and prototyping based on the latest market research and know-how.

Data analysis and visualization

Analyzing information, creating matching rules and algorithms to improve matching accuracy, and displaying analysis results in a visually easy-to-understand manner.

AI / ML Algorithms for Matching and Recommendations

Improve matching accuracy with modern machine learning libraries and proprietary algorithms.

Cloud Deployment and Maintenance (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Heroku)

Design and operate the entire CI / CD pipeline and monitoring process.

Build your blocks
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Many matching services use blocks of existing versatile functional modules to benefit from development time, cost, and business optimization.

Types of matching sites that can be developed

Web Factory MK has developed many matching applications from various industries since its beginnings. We have been working on matching applications that help people find new relationships, jobs, travel companions, local tour guides, and more. Specifically, the following examples can be given.


Education Market

Matching Teachers with Cram Schools, Preparatory Schools, Tutors



Home Care Doctor-Patient Matching



Matching job seekers and recruiting companies


Real Estate

Matching Supply and Demand of Properties


Business Matching

Matching with suppliers, customers, or business partners


Matching sellers and successful bidders



Date and Networking Matching


No matter if that is a C2C, B2C, or C2B application, we can apply these blocks to any type of app. With additional customization we can reach the goal and make it specific for the targeted audienc


Features that can be implemented

In Web Factory MK, the functions required for the matching app are modularized as blocks. The following functions can be introduced quickly by shortening the development period.

Payment function
Social collaboration
Login function
Gift function
User list function
Hourly billing
Schedule function
Management screen
Access analysis

Case Study

Voice from a customer in Tokyo, Japan providing B2C matching service Synca by WARC


Our clients and what they say about us

synca_logo ignis_logo warc_logo my_eigo_logo

Price comparison

If you use our blocks for MVP

Profile, Matching, Media, Chat, Notifications, Payments
38 DAYS Starting from 5m ¥

If you build an MVP from scratch

Profile, Matching, Media, Chat, Notifications, Payments
87 DAYS Starting from 15m ¥


Do you have any questions about Web Factory MK? Let's talk about your digital ideas. The technical team will respond

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    Who is Web Factory MK?
    Web Factory MK is a self-founded Macedonian domestic entity founded in 2009 by 4 engineers. It has grown to a nationally recognized software development company, in the top 5%, and currently employs over 80 engineers.
    Do you work with Startups? Can we start development without specification?
    Yes. It is possible. We have experience in supporting startups, projects that start application/service development when the specifications are not fixed, and methods of developing prototypes and brushing up rather than dropping them in the specifications because changes are always required. We have experienced such, therefore, we use Ruby on Rails or Python to make it easy to create prototypes at high speed and develop with an agile approach.
    Do you offer N-1 level Japanese speaking bridge SE?
    Yes. We can provide native Japanese and N-1 level Japanese-speaking bridge SE. However, we encourage peer-to-peer communications in English and Japanese, not solely relying on bridge SE for consolidated communications.
    What kind of service does Web Factory MK offer?
    We offer engagement support from the ideation phase, Prototyping, DevOps, and QA. We have IT consultants, UI/UX designers, specialists in certain industries, and professional engineers to help customers develop efficiently from idea to launch
    What types of matching systems can you develop?
    We can build any matching system, from business matching systems, recruitment sites, bulk quote sites, crowdsourcing sites, dating matching systems, skill-sharing, sharing economy, BtoB services, CtoC, or B2C service sites.
    How can I get users on my new matching app?
    Our solutions are SEO-friendly, meaning that Google and other search engines can crawl each page on the website efficiently, interpret the content effectively, and index it in their database - all you have to do is insert the optimized content.

    About us

    Web Factory MK is an offshore development company with a development base in Macedonia. In Japan, we have an office in Tokyo, and Japanese staff will provide technical and business support.

    Kei Hiroki


    Todor Panev


    Worked with global brands and businesses like T-Mobile, Ignis, European Space Agency, MobileIron, Akoni, Waltzin. ”As co-founder and managing partners, I have been key account manager, in charge of product and software development, client onboarding, and support. Having experience as software engineer, I have worked on backend, frontend and mobile solutions” BSc in Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies

    Takako Mori


    She joined CyberAgent in 2007 after graduating from Yokohama National University of Environment and Information Studies. At CyberAgent she was in charge of strategy, promoting hit game services such as mogg. Moved to Cookpad in 2011 and made smartphone applications, UI / UX and new functions as a producer and director. Since 2014 in IGNIS, director for a SaaS for medical use, developed with offshore development companies. She is currently a product director at Web Factory MK. Native in Japanese and fluent English.