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Our Software Development Story In Japan 🇯🇵

Web Factory February 27, 2020
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“To be honest, I’d never change them with any other software development team! They are professionals for high-quality development and I feel them as my very reliable team, my important partner.” 🤗

Ignis is how everything started for us in Japan🇯🇵. We started working together in 2014 and since then, we are developing outstanding digital products together. From simple applications to massive and complex systems. It’s always great to hear that with having us as a software development partner, the client was able to focus on innovation and growth, and our team took over the complete system design. 🙌

When we asked Takako Mori, the Director of Software Development at Ignis, what are the three key points that she is really happy about our work, she listed:

🤘The team

💡The tech skills

🏆The full package of the software development approach

If you want to find out more about the start of our collaboration and how it evolved, watch the interview 👇

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