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Beta Runner


A comprehensive solution that allows users to compete with themselves.


On land and in water, day in, day out – everywhere they go.

//overview _

The client, a major player in the world of sports apparel, was looking for a solution that helps users achieve fitness goals while at the same time, nudges them to stay highly engaged in the brand’s app ecosystem.

That also meant partnering with a few other global businesses and actively collaborating with several different teams on several different continents. The project involved multiple parties including one of the five leading sport brands in the US, world-leading chip manufacturer, and a popular fitness app.

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// challenges_

Our team was required to provide the technical solution by building a constellation of apps for multiple platforms that would rely on interconnectivity for a seamless experience for the users.

Analyzing the world trends we concluded that the most important feature for the modern athlete is to have the data while on the go. Running, cycling or swimming easy access to the athlete’s data was paramount.

It soon became obvious that tight integration with a wearable device was needed, as well as the ability for the app to work in offline mode for those long distance activities.

Bearing the needs of the modern user in mind, we developed a system that works on the go and tracks user data with meticulous accuracy, online and offline, on land, and in water. A custom wearable device was produced by an OEM and was preinstalled with the fitness app and our custom wearable software.

The tool is also easily accessible via different devices and integrates several platforms at once to provide users with a flawless, uninterrupted experience.

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// solution_

A custom wearable device was produced by an OEM and was preinstalled with the fitness app and our custom wearable software. Close collaboration with the fitness app developer and Web Factory opened certain APIs that allowed for tight integration utilizing their years of experience in fitness metrics.


The wearable sports watch had the ability to connect via Bluetooth to both iOS and Android devices expanding the potential audience. This connection extends to the uniquely developed Bluetooth headphones that offer easily accessible crucial controls to the athlete.

Custom device

For greater flexibility, the watch could work offline, and store all the data for later processing for those moments that connectivity is weak or unattainable. A custom device opened the opportunity for fine tuning the wearable to strike a balance between battery consumption and device responsiveness to minimize the time required for the display to ‘light up’ while still preserving long battery life.

Phone App

On the phone side, the app offered connectivity and control of the wearable device, including data synchronization and look and feel customization of the smartwatch. Furthermore, a loyalty store is available in the app offering the branded goods of the client for purchase, combining functionality and convenience. The Loyalty Program offered points that were acquired through purchases, and could later be used for discounts on purchased goods.

Team formation

Software development and QA team

Timeline Beta Runner card 1

In depth analysis of the product and technical solution in place

Scope of work

Planning, prioritizing and defining scope of work

Timeline Beta Runner card 2

Project Kick-Off

Loyalty mobile app

Timeline Beta Runner card 3

Initial version

Development phase of the initial MVP

Timeline Beta Runner card 4

Phase 2 Kickoff

Development of multiple features

Timeline Beta Runner card 5

Successful release of the mobile app


Started developing the wearable project

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Hardware production | Custom device

Timeline Beta Runner card 7

Integration of bluetooth headphones

Basic controls integrated into headphones

Android Wear

Internet availability

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Circular design

The entire UI/UX is enveloped in a circular design

Timeline Beta Runner card 9

Custom Watch Face development

Low level canvas drawing preloaded

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New Features

Started personalized & adaptive training

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AI powered app

Team Formation

The symbiosis of teams working on this solution and the seamless integration of the platforms involved in this project made this product as successful as it is.


//results _

The app has been a major success right from the start! With over 150,000 active downloads and an average rating of 4.0 on Android & iOS, we’ve built a sophisticated solution that exceeds user expectations and keeps them actively engaged in the brand’s ecosystem (app-device-store).  The mobile app has become the central mechanism for the clients digital strategy.

Well-known magazines have named the watch as one of the top 10 wearable devices at the Global Stage for Innovation.

We had amazing collaboration between the teams that were working on this solution. Drawing from the experiences of the partners and their expertise in their respective fields, with Web Factory in the middle of it, made all this possible.

Two custom watch faces were built, personalized for the sports brand. Custom, low level drawing of the watchfaces was needed to achieve precision design for the natural circular shape of the screen. The watchfaces come preloaded with the device and are usable out of the box.

Top 10 wearable devices at the Global Stage for Innovation

The app - central mechanism for the clients digital strategy

Two custom and branded watch faces

Adaptive training is a new and progressive feature of the app

Over 150,000 active downloads

Smart personalized suggestions for improving user's results, and get the most out of the workout



Collaboration: The solution was produced by a cooperation of teams working on different platforms synchronized between them to achieve a common goal.


User needs: All the features that we’ve developed catered to the athlete's needs, minimizing the need to leave the clients ecosystem.


Together with the client, we developed an omnichannel solution that solidified the brands position on the world market.

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