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Japanese Clinic


A clinic chain based in Tokyo was trying to find a solution for their patients. Often patients will simply need a quick check up of their conditions and fill in their prescriptions, but this will mean making appointments, visiting, waiting, and having 10-15 min face time with the doctors.

The clinic management’s idea was brilliant – build software that allows patients to have medical appointments via video call and receive treatment right away, bringing the user experience to a never-before-seen level.

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The vision behind this project was to create the best possible experience within the health-service sector. The client was driven by the idea of having a clinic that would be the best of the best, where there are no waiting lines, you can have the comfort to see your doctor from your house via video chat, and automate the whole process.

There are solutions using multiple apps as a combination of a reservation system via web, Zoom for video call, and prescription and payment systems which none of them would work with each other so it was far from increasing productivity. The clinic had to create a solution that is easy to use for patients, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and the back office and make all systems working with each other.

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Our client had a promising test model but the challenge of establishing credibility and identity of a health-service provider was a pressing matter.

Our team had the challenge to quickly build a basic system consisted of integrating our backend solution with the existing scheduling system and the existent improvisation of the video call environment was replaced with a solution specifically designed for online video calls (web app and mobile apps) for their clinic’s personnel and the clinic’s end users (patients).

For treatment purposes, a prescription and delivery system was implemented and Stripe was integrated for an easier payment process.

The initial release backed up with excellent reception confirmed the potential of this niche market and opened different areas for exploration. The initial user base encouraged a big leap forward. The business needs were defined based on the user’s feedback and the requirements of each party involved in the system.

With a growing number of users and staggering retention rates, the needs of the business grew accordingly. The scope changed dramatically with the opening of the first physical clinic in one of the busiest areas in the city (Tokyo, Japan).

With different key stakeholders, we were responsible for addressing all the needs of the clinic’s personnel while also keeping in mind the clinic’s end users, the patient.

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By employing agile (SCRUM), we carefully analyzed first-hand feedback from end users based on which we delivered the utmost value in short cycles. Observing the business’s operational processes allowed us to pinpoint the practical problems that were tackled gradually through smaller releases addressing important details which in turn, helped end users in their day-to-day work.

The existing scheduling system was replaced with fully customizable work shift and scheduling system that allowed employees to define working times, breaks, and activities.

We developed complex, yet intuitive calendar that enables employees to quickly skim through the working day, finding useful information about availability of people, rooms, types of appointments and patients basic information.

Project kick-off

Initial Version - MVP

Full scheduling system


FrontEnd and Backend Development Phase

1000 Patients

Creation of appointment and improved security

Brick and mortar clinic accessible for patients

Extensive notification system

Shipment system

3000 Patients

Broadening service scope and introducing new key roles

Full Medical Record System

Integration with separate system for booking used within the clinic

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10000+ Patients

Team Formation

For this project, we created a whole end-to-end team in Web Factory including PM and QA. While the highly skilled team is working on the development and ensuring the stability of the product, the client is able to focus on business strategies & product planning.


//results _

Starting with a basic system for covering the main needs of the business, this product grew to become the backbone of the user’s everyday work. The business now has several dozens of employees that are serving over a couple of thousands of patients. The average productivity (efficiency) of an employee exceeded the initial expectations and it’s steadily growing while the retention rate is well over 80%.

In just two years, this system helped our client supersede its competitors and opened new doors towards transforming the health-service business in the upcoming years.

Joint sessions in Tokyo

Appointments created in 2020: 70,000+

Surge in online appointments in 2020 due to the pandemics

Number of patients: 24,000+

Implementation of shipment and payment system for delivery orders

Ability to take screenshots of patient’s areas of concern, sharing images and indicating progress by using drawing tools while having a video call with the patient

Complete medical record system used for keeping of patient’s data

Complex, yet intuitive calendar that enables employees to quickly skim through the working day


Project Highlights


Business needs combined with technical execution:

The synchronization between the user base, marketing, legal and development was essential for the clear definition of the product’s critical path.


Scaling requirements:

The constantly growing number of users and clinic employees defined the next primary areas of focus.


Delivering great value in small chunks:

The SCRUM approach has enabled our team to successfully deliver utmost value in short cycles.

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