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Stubben Edge | Cash Management System


Akoni Hub, acquired by Stubben Edge, is a London-based uprising Fintech startup focused on investment returns. Open banking innovator providing a cash marketplace to wealth sector partners including software providers, asset managers, wealth platforms, financial advisors and financial wellness apps.

The future of SMEs banking and investing – offering SMEs the money-managing opportunities of large enterprises.

//overview _

The startup is founded by experienced financial professionals in 2015. Now, Stubben Edge is fundamentally changing the way business banks and procure financial services, leveraging data to create a personalized and tailored experience for SMEs and small corporates, and our Web Factory team is taking care of the software development area. We have worked closely with Stubben Edge as their tech partner since 2018 and have seen the potential and successful growth of this innovative and future-proof product in the disruptive Fintech sector.

That lead us to become an official partner and investor in Stubben Edge Hub London in 2020. Our investment in Stubben Edge’s business underlines our belief in their future success.

So far, they’ve been selected among 12 winning Fintechs to advance the future of SME banking in the UK. As an innovative company, they are recognized and awarded by BBVA, Forbes, Nesta, Fintech Influencers and many more. They work with Barclays, Aldermore, Metro Bank, Clydesdale Bank, Arbuthnot Latham, Hodge Bank, Oak North Bank, Shawbrook and many more.

As a FinTech service provider the platform is helping investors to maximise the return on their cash deposits, quickly, easily and securely. It also provides personalised cash management tips and guidance, and benchmarks reflecting similarly sized companies; all done with one simple aim – to help businesses improve their cash management and cashflow.

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// challenges_

Our client noticed something very peculiar: SMEs struggled to manage investments properly and the lack of cash flow or opportunities were not the problem - the procedure was.

As a startup in London, hiring quality team members that will work on this complex solution was very challenging for them. Much more so since the Brexit referendum. They were looking for a nearshore team that could embed in Akoni.

What is more they need a development partner that could cover data science skills backend development and frontend development.

When we initiated the collaboration, the first challenge was to integrate with already developed solution with strictly defined technology stack. The challenge was great, considering the exiting code base and the given time frame.

Our team was involved from the early planning stage of the project. Together with Akoni, we jointly defined what overall fintech service should look like as well as the roadmap of how to get there from development to initial launch of the platform.

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// solution_

The solution we’ve created is not just a cash management app - it’s a custom-built platform that collects and analyzes data with mind blowing efficiency to provide users with the best investment opportunities in real-time. Or put most simply, Amazon for SMEs investments!


Highly decoupled microservice architecture developed in Java Spring Boot for the API based backend. Implementation multi-layer security such as tokenized public API calls, private APIs for inter-service communication.


Angular based application that acts as a client to the microservice backend. Modular UI allows for robust future-proofing the whole application.

Team Formation (development and QA team only)

Initial development of a feature with smaller scope with tight deadline (~3 months work)

In depth analysis of the product and technical solution in place

Timeline Akoni card 1

Joint sessions in London UK, introduction to the whole Stubben Edge team

We had multiple technical sessions in Skopje and London

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Enabling API integration for Stubben Edge's customers and partners

Development of multiple functionalities

Including Digital On-boarding, Open Banking, Identity Verification

Team growth (+ 3 members)


Acquiring production access to the platform

Introduction of white labeling of products

Team involvement in technical sessions with banks, third-party service providers and whitelabels

Timeline Akoni card 4

Web Factory tightly integrated in planning, prioritizing and defining scope of work

Tech partner

Our team acquired full production access and became responsible for the technical aspect of the product including support and maintenance on a day-to-day basis

Timeline Akoni card 5

Valuable support and input

The team is now tightly integrated with operations and business development on Stubben Edge's side providing valuable support and input in decisions and priorities

Timeline Akoni card 6

Lowering technical debt

Setting up infrastructure supporting DR (disaster recovery)

Timeline Akoni card 7

Web Factory is now an official partner and investor in Stubben Edge London

We have worked closely with Stubben Edge (ex Akoni) as their tech partner for the last 3 years and have seen the potential and successful growth of this innovative and future-proof product in the disruptive Fintech sector

Timeline Akoni card 8

Certification from an independent Pentest provider indicating low level of security vulnerability

Team Formation

The most important factor for this successful project was the creation of a permanent, highly skilled team that understands the Fintech system and the technology.


//results _

We delivered a brand new product for Stubben Edge which required them to work quickly and in an agile fashion while still maintaining very high-quality standards. More importantly, we built a strong team that has remained engaged and delivers exceptional value on a daily basis. The client has been able to build more technology and deliver results faster to their banking clients and B2B users. By expanding the team we have accelerated the product roadmap.

Attracting the attention of investors from day one, the client was more than thrilled with the final product. Right now, we’ve taken the whole project on a whole other level, where Pendullibrium, one of our spin-off companies, is developing an AI solution that’s going to enhance the user experience even more.

Technologically, Stubben Edge’s product is far more advanced than its competitors. Stubben Edge is high on the Fintech list due to its technical achievements and advancements.

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Instant technicaly experienced team

Having permanent team helped to understand the business more and to provide faster, better solutions

Custom design and animation for responsive UI components

Spring boot microservice development with integration of non-relational database, DynamoDB

Embedded and dedicated highly skilled team with long term engagement

Flexible and agile in order to fulfill business needs

Instantly available experienced team

Joint sessions in Skopje and London

Multilayer security

The product is attracting the attention of investors as recognized and awarded Fintech solution

55+ white labels & 1500+ happy customers

We helped our client reach their success...


Open Up Challenge by Nesta


Forbes Top 10 SME Tech company


BBVA Top 10 Fintech companies


BusinessCloud's 100 Fintech Disrupters 2020

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Partners of Stubben Edge

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Listen to the interview with Panos Savvas, Akoni (acquired by Stubben Edge) co-founder and CTO, in which he talks about our collaboration.

Everyone is incredibly professional, but at the same time very approachable and easy to work with. The Web Factory team has a huge impact on my company!


Panos Savvas

CTO & Co-Founder, Akoni Hub (acquired by Stubben Edge)

Akoni Hub London, UK

Key points to take away


The client was able to make releases in short period of time because of the team composition and outstanding tech capabilities and skillset.


Highly skilled tech team, embedded to the client and acts as an extended team. Agile and permanently allocated for Akoni that is crucial for the business understanding.


3 years after initiating the collaboration, Web Factory made investment in Akoni's product and we're now official partner of Akoni Hub London.

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