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Tail Offers


Tail Offers is a cashback rewards program that provides instant and seamless cashback for its users. 

Tail Offers is a prime retail marketing platform that is built for open banking. The app lets merchants provide real-time cashback promotions, personalized for specific audiences based on spending behaviors.


The product we developed with Tail Offers is an account-linked cashback app built on open banking. The app connects to the user’s bank account, uses transaction data to personalize offers, and gives the user cashback every time they shop at one of Tail Offers’ partners. The user can sign up and link their bank account to the app (Monzo and Starling Bank), and once connected they will have access to the various offers available on the platform. Currently, these are mostly London-based restaurants, coffee shops, and bars, but they will be expanding to national chains.

When they shop at a participating retailer using a card from their linked bank account, this will trigger a redemption on the backend and send a notification to the app. Offers are currently displayed in the app via map and list views. There is also a history tab where users can view all their previous redemptions. Tail Offers is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), ensuring the data is stored securely and kept safe.

The app eliminates all friction points of classical promo offers like any voucher code. The users enjoy high-value, instant promotions, which can be redeemed with unprecedented convenience – all linked natively to their Starling or Monzo bank card. Bank partners can use Tail Offers to enhance their existing loyalty programs.

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// challenges_

To maximize the potential of Open Banking, our client had come up with the idea of creating a cashback app - but not just your average cashback app

For this project, we needed to decouple code, separate business logic from controllers into a true MVP structure, create a networking layer, clean up model classes and create new helper classes for all functions in the code, update old SDK usages for Android and rewrite old Objective-C code into Swift code for iOS, and lots of other improvements such as restructuring the project files, abstraction, dependency injection.

The goal was to devise an instrument that would allow users to dive in and explore the world of cashback opportunities but at the same time, protect sensitive data, award loyalty, and keep the whole process FCA regulated.

Technical challenges

One of the initial challenges involved analyzing and understanding the existing legacy code. The subsequent task was to restructure and refactor the codebase to enhance performance and prepare the application for significant updates. The objective was to achieve these improvements with minimal reliance on extensive quality assurance (QA) efforts and by rewriting only minor portions of the code.

One of the primary challenges we encountered was identifying and resolving memory leaks and ghost bugs present in the legacy code. Once addressed, our next objective was to modularize the visual components of the app, ensuring their reusability without necessitating significant reworking.

Another challenge we faced was migrating to a new API version while maintaining backward compatibility. Additionally, we needed to incorporate third-party libraries to enhance the overall code quality.

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// solution_

Developing an app intended for everyday use meant the app had to boast an interface that’s sleek, modern, and simple. The system we created connects to the user’s bank account and scans transactions but the magic doesn’t end there. The user simply downloads the Tail Offers app (iOS or Android), links it to their Monzo or Starling account and they’re ready to go! Once personal data is collected and analyzed, the app is able to fully personalize cashback offers with trusted partners.

Project kick-off with a 3 days test run

Signing a 3 months agreement for refactor and more features

Team from London flies in

Face to Face meeting for introductions and brainstorming

Successful refactor ends after 1 month

Development phase, QA testing, UI

Hitting the 3 months hard deadline on time

Multiple testing sessions and reviews

Releasing the app on the stores

Continues development and support

Release of new version

Team Formation

The most important factor for this successful project was the creation of a highly skilled team that understands Open Banking, Fintech systems and the technology.


//results _

The user simply pays with its linked card and enjoys up to 50% cash back at Tail Offers retail partners – all paid back directly into their account at the end of each week.

Users’ feedback states that they love the app functionality, the quick-to-respond support time, and most of all, the unique cash-back options!

Following the app’s initial success, with downloads exceeding 50,000, the company was acquired by a prominent player in the industry, the London-based fintech incubator Quantum Group. This acquisition has opened up endless possibilities for the product’s growth.



“They're incredibly transparent, easy to work with, honest, and trustworthy! Our internal developers reviewed the code, which was fantastic. It was concise and very clearly written. Everything was accurately stated in advance!”


Harley Morlet


TAIL OFFERS United Kingdom

Project highlights


Promised and delivered a refactor of a crucial module in the app in a 3 day run.


Numerous of our advices and recommendations were accepted by the client for the final product.


Respecting the hard deadlines and delivering within estimation.


The app is still live and without requiring any further refactoring.

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