The modern athlete competes with only one person – the person they were yesterday.

The client, a major player in the world of sports apparel, was looking for a solution that helps users achieve fitness goals while at the same time, nudges them to stay highly engaged in the brand’s app ecosystem. That also meant partnering with a few other global businesses and actively collaborating with several different teams on several different continents! 



Bearing the needs of the modern user in mind, we developed a system that works on the go and tracks user data with meticulous accuracy, online and offline, on land, and in water. A custom wearable device was produced by an OEM and was preinstalled with the fitness app and our custom wearable software.

The tool is also easily accessible via different devices and integrates several platforms at once to provide users with a flawless, uninterrupted experience. 

The project involved multiple parties including a world-leading chip manufacturer and a popular fitness app.



The app has been a major success right from the start! With over 100,000 active downloads and an average rating of 4.0 on Android & iOS, we’ve built a solution that exceeds user expectations and keeps them actively engaged in the brand’s ecosystem (app-device-store).