Booking systems / Hospitality


More than just your average dinner reservation software - a complete event planner that saves time and prioritizes the guest experience.


Making dinner reservations in NYC - and in the USA, generally - via a booking app wasn’t exactly the smooth experience you’d expect, especially when it came to larger parties. Market research confirmed that users are inevitably stressed and restaurant owners are losing on productivity. Our client noticed the gap in the market and decided to do something about it - which is where we came to help. 



What we developed is much more than your average book-and-pay system - it’s an event management tool that streamlines and polishes the booking process for both sides. Great attention to detail made sure the tool prioritizes user's needs and takes frustrations out of the equation but at the same time, it allows restaurants & diners to keep their autonomy when it comes to what they choose to offer at the venue. 



With a clean & easy-to-navigate interface and unmatched functionality, the client is confident that this is just the beginning of what’s aiming to be revolutionary communication, booking & payment system, soon to become an integral part of event management for restaurants & diners. 


Nicholas Smith

Founder, Waltzin, USA


Things always happen within the timeframes they give or before. What they’ve built so far looks great! I present things, and they give me their opinions and suggestions. It’s a partnership. They have a real community as part of their company. Everyone is very happy to work there. I spent over a month working in their offices, and they were very welcoming and friendly, and they’re also very talented.