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What is Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning?

AI adds intelligence to existing applications and systems. AI automates repetitive tasks through learning from data. Through AI, software and applications can analyse images, understand unstructured data, comprehend speech, and make predictions.

Where AI/ML is applicable?

As a simple rule of thumb, you shall start to consider implementing AI/ML if your business accumulates a lot of data (visual, sound, or text). Many processes can be automated or optimised based on data and the right AI/ML models. To build an AI system, you would need the right AI model and prepare the data explicitly designed for that model. To implement the data preparation cycle, build and deploy AI models, and analyse results, you need ML engineers.

Market potential

Artificial Intelligence is for sure the brightest technological feat that any industry will involve in the near future. 90% of the leading businesses around the world have invested in AI, and it’s estimated that the investments will grow up to $266,92 billion by 2027, according to Fortune Business Insights. In 2019, in the US alone, $10 billion from the capital is invested in AI. Next is the Asian region and China as a leader with 190% of the AI patents growth in a five years period. Also, Japan counts 71% of AI automation in the whole business sector there. These numbers are strong indicators that the market potential grows consistently, and many businesses have started implementing AI and ML for their business needs and process automation. AI is the brightest future in the business sector, so don’t leave the fruits on the table; contact us for successful technological transformation in your company

Can my business benefit from implementing AI?

Get on the train while it is still moving slowly.


Every business will integrate some kind of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning in their business processes; it’s just a matter of time. Thirty years ago, we saw the start of an exponential curve of web development which at the beginning only the most successful had.


This will happen with AI/ML just at a much faster pace (in 5-10 years from now). When that happens, you need to be ready; you need much more expensive equipment, a bigger investment, and a larger set of data.

Transform your business

Save money

Reduce time

Remove your bottlenecks

Reduce failures

Improve productivity

Increase your revenue

Automate processes and remove redundancy


  • Personalised tracking of health
  • Digital consultation
  • Medical Image Analysis


  • Fraud detection
  • Predicting cash-flow events
  • Optimise portfolio


  • AI-powered sessions scheduling
  • A personalised approach to learning


  • Recommendation engine for e-commerce
  • Sales forecasting
  • Customer dynamic segmentation


  • Recommendation engine for matching sites
  • AI chatbots


  • Consumer analytics
  • Customer review qualitative analysis through NLP


  • Streamline processes & supply chains
  • Manage inventories

Manufacturing and Production

  • Visual inspection for defects
  • Automated sorting of products

Why develop a custom software solution?

Our team of Machine Learning experts will guide you through all the stages of development to create bespoke AI solutions that deliver tangible business results. Our Artificial intelligence consulting services are human-centred, outcomes-oriented, and pragmatic to empower you to become the leader in your field, unlocking more value from your data.

Web Factory MK works together with your in-house or business solution development team to make AI/ML bring actual benefits.

How are we different from others?

We are here to deliver custom AI solutions that will transform your business and help you achieve the business goals in a new innovative way. Our expert team will guide you through the whole AI and ML implementation process and assist you with relevant strategies for additional business growth.

We have been exploring the possibilities of AI, and our team of ML experts have elaborated their research and practice (Computer vision and NLP) in the white paper “Stories for Images-in-Sequence by using Visual and Narrative Components”.read the full story

Not stopping there, our AI experts were silver medal winners among 8800 registered teams, on the Santander Customer Transaction Prediction competition on Kaggle. In this challenge, we come up with a solution to predict and identify which customers will make a specific transaction in the future, irrespective of the amount of money transacted. This was a step forward to helping next our FinTech client (see more below)

Our AI/ML Development services

Web Factory MK will guide you through the AI optimisation process for your business, giving you clear directions and consultations to drive modern technological solutions and pass all the business challenges.

Empowering AI-based software development

Businesses become more comfortable in using complex AI software programs based on machine learning models and practices.


It helps in extracting data and information for making faster and smarter decisions for seamless business operations, so just leave the AI business transformation process to our experts’ hands and experience the power of AI.

Custom-Built AI Software Systems

Building a custom AI software system is the practice of creating an AI-based software system intended for a specific problem in the company.


Our AI engineering team is here to develop custom AI software that will meet your expectations and scale your business performance using in-house data.

Building Optimized ML/Deep Learning Models

Web Factory MK will help you build optimised ML models thanks to the expertise in creating custom solutions to resolve your business challenges.


Optimising a Deep Learning model is really challenging and requires large data and implementation of complex ML algorithms, so our expert team is here to do it silently.

AI and ML Consulting

All businesses should use AI and ML to build scalable solutions in a new innovative way in many strategic areas.


We can do consultation sessions and advise on implementing AI and ML in your business to level up your growth rate.

AI/ML prototypes

Prototypes in the development process are used to check the AI/ML based solutions and answer specific business questions.


Prototypes are essential to prove that this problem can be solved by AI/ML with the given data, so we are here to create them for you and evaluate if the process of taking an AI approach is beneficial for your business needs.

Matching application services

Matching applications are based on automatic recommendations and matching algorithms, which is the responsibility of AI.


Web Factory MK is always on duty to provide customised matching apps using AI and ML models to achieve perfect user matches based on their pre-written details. See how we can build your matching app with our proven set of features.

Optimise your business with Web Factory MK Artificial Intelligence Development Services

  • Seamless development flow
  • Skilled team
  • Easy to use
  • Speedy development
  • Support
  • Consultancy


1. Scope Project

Evaluate the AI/ML problem. Align the AI/ML solution with the business goals.

2. Collect Data

Collect, evaluate, clean & summarise the data. Inspect the data by doing initial data analyses.

3. Train Model

Move forward by choosing suitable AI models and libraries. Experiment, train and evaluate the models by doing rigorous error analyses.

4. Deploy in production

Build infrastructure to deploy the best models in production and support continuous delivery. Constant monitoring and involving the human in the loop for further improvements.

From our experts

Ilija Lalkovski

CEO of Web Factory MK & Head of AI

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence in your business is a key solution for three business needs:

– Automation of your business processes
– Engaging with your customers
– Providing seamless data flow and analytics

AI and ML are for sure the technological duo that paints the future for all industries from the point of productivity, scalability, business growth, and transformation.

Let the machines do the boring stuff and focus the human potential on more creative tasks.



What is Web Factory MK?

Web Factory MK is a self-founded Macedonian domestic entity founded in 2009 by four engineers. It has grown to a nationally recognised software development company, in the top 5%, and currently employs over 80 engineers.


Do you work with Startups? Can we start development without specification?

Yes. It is possible. We have experience supporting startups, projects that start application/service development when the specifications are not fixed, and developing prototypes and brushing up rather than dropping them in the specifications because changes are always required. We have experienced such collaboration, and we create prototypes at high speed and develop with an agile approach.


What kind of service does Web Factory MK offer?

We offer engagement support from the ideation phase, Prototyping, DevOps, and QA. We have IT consultants, UI/UX designers, specialists in specific industries, and professional engineers to help customers develop efficiently from idea to launch.


What are examples of Artificial Intelligence?

Some of the well-known usages of AI are:

– Ironox: Automation in Agriculture
– UiPath: Business process automation
– AetherAI: Medical Imaging
– Cleo: chatbot and financial assistant
– Tesla: AutoPilot
– Netflix: AI Movie Recommendation engine


How much data is required to build an AI and ML-based solution?

The success of AI and ML models is based on data. For Deep Learning operations, an extended number of units of the data point (the more data the better), including images, documents, and reviews, are required for specific AI-based training/ testing and validations.


What are your AI and ML developer's expertise and industry experience?

We have talented and seasoned AI and ML developers who have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in building the next-generation solution with desired features and seamless performance.

What else can we do for you

DX - Digital Transformation

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Software solutions development

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UX/UI Engineering

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Our success story on AI/ML


Stubben Edge

Fundamentally changing the way businesses bank

We leverage AI’s potential to reconstruct financial apps to automate finance analysis, plan budgets and enhance decision-making based on predictive analysis. WebFactory MK had successfully developed a financial product recommendation engine where the AI suggests the best combination of bank deposit products given the user’s cash flow and goals. The model analyses the customer’s historic cash flow data and suggests the best plan of bank deposit products to maximise the return on investment.

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Everyone is incredibly professional, but at the same time very approachable and easy to work with. The Web Factory team has a huge impact on my company!


Panos Savvas


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