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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation integrates digital technology into different business areas, resulting in fundamental changes to how your business operates and how you deliver value to customers.
Digital Transformation is maturing at a rapid rate and becoming a necessary point for business evolving. Those businesses that do not evolve are losing the chance to level up and hit rock bottom very soon- is your company keeping up?
The transformation affects each level of your organization and brings together data across areas to work together more effectively.
By taking advantage of workflow automation and advanced processing, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), you can connect the dots on the customer journey in a way that wasn’t possible before.

The benefits of Digital Transformation

For many companies, the driver for Digital Transformation is cost-related. However, you cannot neglect the actual benefits of going digital such as:

Data-driven customer insights

Encourages digital culture

Increased profits

Increased agility and scalability

Improved efficiency and productivity

Cost savings and revenue growth

Acquiring new markets

Achieving international growth

Frequently used technologies businesses use to enable Digital Transformation

To start your business’s Digital Transformation, it would be not enough to use just one technology or digitise a single business process. An integrated approach to the use of technology is required for all the company’s operations, and not only within the enterprise but also in interaction with its stakeholders, employees, customers, or partners.

Custom software

Mobile phones and apps

Cloud computing

Internet of things (IoT)


Big data and real-time analytics


In the search to deliver a better customer experience, the healthcare industry has jumped into the bandwagon of digital transformation. Digital transformation in the healthcare industry has played a stellar role in bringing an evolution in data, mobile, and cloud technologies. A Japanese clinic has trusted Web Factory MK to lead it through its digital transformation. In just two years after the system’s launch, we helped our client supersede its competitors and opened new doors towards transforming the health-service business in the upcoming years. This disruption, first of its kind for hear-loss, led to an increased customer base across Japan and brought a next-level user experience of no waiting rooms and commuting for the end-users. read the full story

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New competitors, new technology, and new consumer expectations impact the banking, finance, and insurance sectors like never before. As with any other industry, Digital Transformation helps enhance visibility into consumer behaviour through advanced analytics of structured and unstructured data. Akoni, a FinTech company, accelerated its digital transformation journey with WebFactory MK by giving us a chance to implement open banking through new and innovative products never seen before. read the full story

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As the digital world has evolved, customer behaviour started to change and profoundly impacted the hospitality and travel industry. People expect a customer-centric experience, from choosing their destination quickly within a few clicks, extending information on the accommodations, and a seamless experience when booking venues. Web Factory MK took Waltzin, a retail restaurant, to its digital transformation by developing services that addressed multiple needs. It transitioned from a retail booking system to a complete event management system accessible from any device by end-users, staff, managers and owners. read the full story

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The new technologies are shaping different domains in the sports industry. Applications for fan engagement, smart stadiums, business insights and productivity platforms, team and athlete performance, wearables, and eSports are powering the sports industry worldwide. Beta Runner, a leading brand in the sports industry, gave us a trust looking for a software solution to help their customers achieve all fitness goals using an app ecosystem. The development team in Web Factory built a custom wearable software with certain APIs for their watch, allowing integration in fitness metrics, Bluetooth connectivity to iOS and Android devices, data synchronisation, etc. read the full story

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How can I digitally transform my business?

Transformations are hard, and digital ones are harder – but not impossible!
Our Digital Transformation experts can work on business analysis and suggest relevant strategies for process improvement and concrete ways to do it. Also, Web Factory MK is here to make milestones and create a digital solution without disturbing the ongoing business but silently transform it in a modern and innovative way.

Together, we’ll identify opportunities for innovation, ensure you stay competitive, and actively manage the constant shift in technology and your customers’ needs.

Ultimately, our solutions and services will help you identify gaps in your strategy and invest in best-in-breed, open technologies that offer key insights to drive the best digital strategy for your brand.

We can help you achieve the Digital Transformation through a wide range of services

Mapping the physical service/product with a digital solution

Through mutual understanding of your business and our skills, we can create a digital representation of your service or products and your everyday processes. By doing service or product mapping, we will gain the insight we need into how your systems and people interact — and how they could function better in a digital environment.


You’ll find greater value from your data and technology investments when they’re part of a detailed, prioritised, and realistic way forward. Once digital, it is easier to optimise your processes to increase efficiency and speed up your ability to iterate.

Intuitive and user-friendly UX

In a digital setting, UX is of utmost importance. Users know when the design is intuitive when they are able to use it and understand it immediately with no problem. Such user-friendly UX gives the feeling to the users that they are ready to interact with the software without previous practice.


To achieve that we can deliver easy-to-consume designs based on many principles known to them for flawless user experience and fast understanding.

Insights through data

Going digital allows you the opportunity to analyse user behaviour. By researching on the data collected by the software, you can define usage patterns, pinpoint bottlenecks and pain-points, discover which of your features get used most and which are not used frequently.


Together, we can use all this to deliver a better experience and create more value for your users.

Product development

Our team of UI and UX designers, business management, and product developers can help you bring your idea to life.


We’ll help you conceptualise your idea and define the product, with design, branding, research, development, deployment and support.

Cloud, Mobile or IoT

The holy trinity in the digital transformation process, Cloud, Mobile and IoT, will provide a better and easier experience for your users to handle their needs and interact with your software solutions.


All of these technologies will bring you quality data analytics, mobile app management, cloud services, better infrastructure and other features in your business domain.

Advanced architecture matching the needs of the product

Architecture plays a vital role in decision-making when it comes to building something new on the market or digitally transforming your product.


The use of some new technologies will produce new scalable solutions for creating new products or improving the existing ones by combining the existing libraries for better architecture and meeting the needs of the product.

Smart Automation with in house AI/ML

Insights through data can get even more powerful – AI/ML will open a whole new dimension of your business.


Let us automate your business and give you stability, efficiency, and reliability, so you can focus on delivering value for your customers.

Test automation and engineering

By going digital, you can iterate faster. With test automation, we can guarantee reliability and quality.


The solution will be robust, scalable, easy to update and extend – with automated tests done is really done, and potential problems get detected and fixed early and in the development phase.

Continuous improvements and updates

Once you have transformed your service, product, or processes to thrive in the digital environment, you have to start thinking about its function, evolution and improvements.


Constantly improving and making updates on your software means keeping up your customers with the most recent features and technology novelties which will make their lives easier. Such practice will bring a lot of benefits for your business and skyrocket the quality of the software solution on a daily basis, so leave the work to our expert hands.

Advanced Application Maintenance

Proper application maintenance will help you to undergo the digital transformation process successfully.


We can deliver regular improvements and app modifications, functionality improvement, debugging and support with proper testing for increasing the software quality to the highest.

Invest for business value

Any investment for your business will be welcomed from the aspect of business growth, but investing in Digital Transformation (DX) is a crucial step for bringing value to your business and transforming the decision-making activities in technology solutions. One core benefit from investing in DX is scaling. You can invest in the DX technologies that will affect your business and scale your business performance regularly. Another key benefit is efficiency, where investing for the business value can make your business digitally capable of scaling and become more efficient on many business fronts.

As-is business

Digital Transformation actions

  • Mapping the physical service/product with a digital solution
  • Intuitive and user-friendly UX
  • Insights through data
  • Cloud, Mobile or IoT
  • Advanced architecture matching the needs of the product
  • Smart Automation with in house AI/ML

Digital Transformation output

  • Redefined business
  • Digital accessibility
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Improved operations
  • Automation of manual task
  • Elevated ROI
  • Product or service innovation
  • Enhanced business

Let’s do it! How does it work?

Web Factory MK can offer free of charge consultation hours to review, estimate your applications or review your already existing source code. We can provide specialised consultation about your features, customer value proposition, UI/UX, performance or infrastructure.

What you need to do is give us a call, send an RFP on the contact form below, and have an online consultation to start. We are happy to sign any type of document to disclose sensitive information that you prefer, or you can check ours.

Web Factory MK is the right partner to choose for achieving Digital Transformation

  • Seamless development flow
  • Skilled team
  • Easy to use
  • Speedy development
  • Support
  • Consultancy

The Digital Transformation flow

1. Develop goals & strategy

We’ll discuss your product idea and help you precisely define it.

2. Business Architecture

With it, we will provide priority capabilities and assess capabilities. Better to find out expected outcomes.

3. Team formation

We’ll form a dedicated team according to the product’s needs and requirements. Our team will start developing the product using the assets we already have.

4. Develop roadmap

It is a part of portfolio management. The roadmap will include the significant steps, like due diligence, application and other assets, possible scenarios, roadmap scenarios, etc.

5. Development

Together, we will meet the product expectations and will release it on the market.

6. Launch

We will ensure the product is stable, functional, and passes all standards and requirements.



What is Web Factory MK?

Web Factory MK is a self-founded Macedonian domestic entity founded in 2009 by four engineers. It has grown to a nationally recognised software development company, in the top 5%, and currently employs over 80 engineers.


Do you work with Startups? Can we start development without specification?

Yes. It is possible. We have experience supporting startups, projects that start application/service development when the specifications are not fixed, and developing prototypes and brushing up rather than dropping them in the specifications because changes are always required. We have experienced such collaboration, and we create prototypes at high speed and develop with an agile approach.


What kind of service does Web Factory MK offer?

We offer engagement support from the ideation phase, Prototyping, DevOps, and QA. We have IT consultants, UI/UX designers, specialists in specific industries, and professional engineers to help customers develop efficiently from idea to launch.


What types of Digital Transformation can you achieve?

There are four types of Digital Transformation: Process Transformation, Business Model Transformation, Domain Transformation and Organizational Transformation. If you want to change your business strategy from the core, Web Factory MK is here to create the digital transformation path for your business success.

What else can we do for you

Software solutions development

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AI - Artificial intelligence & ML - Machine learning

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UX/UI Engineering

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Our success story on Digital Transformation



Extending the touchpoints at which users can meet their Idols

JoyJoi is a virtual handshaking platform where fans can meet with their favourite idols in Japan. The platform is fully simulating reality. We transformed the experience, which is now much more personalised, and virtual 1:1 communication is a perfect substitute for the in-person handshakes.

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‘Amazing team! We were working on a challenging application never developed before for Idol groups in Japan, and what Web Factory MK did was superb. We created a platform with video calls from scratch on multiple platforms in less than 10 months.’


Toshitaka Hasegawa


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