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Why develop a custom software solution?

Off-the-shelf applications are generally made with all businesses in mind. These software applications often do not fulfil business needs and typically have features that do not apply to your business.

An end-to-end, customised to your business software solution can help you overcome many challenges such as:

Winning new customers and markets

Scalable software solution that projects your USP to the suitable user base.

Boosting revenue models

Modern tech builds scalable, value-led solutions.

and bring benefits to businesses, such as:

Upgrade existing software

Business processes change over time, and once efficient software can often hinder a business’ productivity when it becomes outdated. When this occurs, an upgraded end-to-end software solution can improve processes within your business.

Streamline your business processes

A custom software solution will improve your team’s productivity and automate all business processes. Our software engineers will help you ensure that the whole development process is a perfect fit for your business needs and in-house operations.

Improve KPIs

A custom software solution development can help you manage and improve your business’ KPIs. Web Factory MK is here to assist you in improving your KPIs by boosting your company’s operations in one or more areas thanks to custom end-to-end software solutions.

What can Web Factory MK do for you?

Have you got a new idea that needs to be visualised and converted to reality, or have existing software that needs to be brought back in modern times? We got you! We bring to the table highly customised, scalable and integrated software development services.

We bring to the table highly customised, scalable and integrated software development services

Understanding and analysing the scope

You got the idea and how it should work.

We got the skills to take that idea and see how actually we can bring this to life and earn its wings.

Planning and Conceptualization

Our engineers and business analysts work with your team to identify goals, create requirements, and outline technical specifications.

By doing this, we help you plan and conceptualise your project and clearly define the investment you need to make to start and develop the project and what will be the time to market.

Software Architecture

Web Factory MK’ software architects have the proven experience to define the “How” of each of the needs to be met in the software solution.

We use proven methodology and standards and custom develop one specifically for your business.

Web Factory MK’ software architects have the proven experience to define the “How” of each of the needs to be met in the software solution. We use proven methodology and standards and custom develop one specifically for your business.

Custom API development

Dedicated custom backends and APIs are our bread and butter.

Web Factory MK will help you in custom API development as we have the knowledge and experience in creating a set of functionalities required for your software application and establishing an interaction between apps.

Custom frontend solutions

We can create extensive, efficient, and responsive web applications, utilising the full power and potential of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.


Let our engineers bring together all software components for your end-to-end software solution to build a functional software system as a whole.

E-commerce solutions and features

Web Factory MK will help you develop end-to-end solutions for worldwide transactions, as we did for many of our clients.

From the online shop management, shipping, admin panel, auto user registration to DB import/exports, we’ve got you covered.

Quality Assurance

Our team of QA experts double-check that your software solution meets project demands and is exactly what you need it to be!

The testing starts very early in the project life-cycle and finishes with the final quality control before deployment.

Agile Methodologies

Web Factory always focuses on flexible solutions for increased improvement, using tools like Scrum and eXtreme programming in the agile software development process.

Mobile app development

We create powerful apps that represent everything you need to get your brand noticed.

You choose the platform, and we’ll take care of the rest. iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, Unity, you name it, we got it.

Support and maintenance

Once a product has been deployed, the next challenge is to keep it running well.

We cover the audits, updates, patches, and day-to-day support and troubleshooting.


The technical infrastructure of the product should be entirely controlled by the software, without the need for human interaction.

Our DevOps team will smoothly assist you in building end-to-end software solutions that work independently from the hardware and are programmatically extensible.


However you execute the project, the technologies and practices should be state-of-the-art and ideal for the task at hand. At Web Factory MK, we specialise in using the following technologies and frameworks.

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  • Seamless development flow
  • Skilled team
  • Easy to use
  • Speedy development
  • Support
  • Consultancy

Custom software development process

1. Ideas & Estimation

Great products start with great ideas. Our in-house team of strategists, developers, and designers have the knowledge needed to brainstorm possible solutions and detect the winning idea among them all.

2. Strategy & Design

Once we are aware of how we want the outcome to look like, we identify the best strategy to reach our goal. We don’t only seek to find the correct answers – but also to ask the right questions.

3. Planning & Kick-off

To maximise productivity, our Agile PM makes sure the process is streamlined and automated as much as possible, leaving very little room for mistakes.

4. DevOps & Development

We develop a solution that corresponds to your exact business needs – and the industry’s best DevOps practices.

5. QA & Launch

The QA team double-checks and triple-checks that your software solution meets project demands and is exactly what you need it to be! Time to introduce your brand-new software product to the world.

6. Support & Analytics

When your software solution meets project demands - we’re ready to start with your new beginning! We are always there for you to support your systems, thus you are free to focus on your job, growing your business.



What is Web Factory MK?

Web Factory MK is a self-founded Macedonian domestic entity founded in 2009 by four engineers. It has grown to a nationally recognised software development company, in the top 5%, and currently employs over 80 engineers.


Do you work with Startups? Can we start development without specification?

Yes. It is possible. We have experience supporting startups, projects that start application/service development when the specifications are not fixed, and developing prototypes and brushing up rather than dropping them in the specifications because changes are always required. We have experienced such collaboration, and we create prototypes at high speed and develop with an agile approach.


What kind of service does Web Factory MK offer?

We offer engagement support from the ideation phase, Prototyping, DevOps, and QA. We have IT consultants, UI/UX designers, specialists in specific industries, and professional engineers to help customers develop efficiently from idea to launch.


Can you help to achieve Digital Transformation?

Yes, definitely. Check this page on how we can help your business in the digital transformation journey.


How long does it take to start my product development?

To start with, we review your project requirements, get them analysed and then inform you of the estimation results. Once we agree with the cost and time, the next step would be to create a project report document and a proposal. Our business analyst will prepare this, and then we send you the same for review. Once everything has been finalised, we would then take the project to the next stage, which is the development stage.

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A Japanese clinic gave us trust for their in-house healthcare system. In just two years after the system’s launch, we helped our client supersede its competitors that led to an increased customer base across Japan and brought a next-level user experience of no waiting rooms and commuting for the end-users.



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