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Web Factory partners with Akoni Hub London

Web Factory November 26, 2020
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Over the past 11 years, our established software development [complex end-to-end solutions provider] model is successfully improving our clients’ efficiency and effectiveness, and we’re playing a crucial role for businesses across the world as an embedded engineering team & tech solution partner.

Today, we are proud and delighted to announce that our hard work over the years has led us to our latest partnership:

Web Factory is now an official partner and investor in AkoniHub London, acquired by Stubben Edge.

We have worked closely with Akoni, acquired by Stubben Edge, as their tech partner for the last 3 years and have seen the potential and successful growth of this innovative and future-proof product in the disruptive Fintech sector.

We strongly believe in our clients, partners and the innovative solutions that we assist them in developing and our investment in Akoni’s (acquired by Stubben Edge) business underlines our belief in their future success.

Why It Is Important to Invest in Your Client’s Products?

We believe that focusing all of our energy and efforts on making our company successful sometimes is just not enough. In order to create innovation and make a difference, we believe that as a company, it is equally important to contribute to the development, growth, and sustainability of our clients and their businesses.

Why We Invested in Akoni?

This investment came naturally as an opportunity for our mature tech company. Just like our company’s growth plan: steady, smart, and planned, we always take into account the team behind the business and consider their capabilities, as well as their motivation to launch a product in a global market. Similar to our company strategy, we primarily invest in people rather than just ideas.

When we first met Panos and Felicia, we discussed a potential collaboration and immediately recognized their passion, years of experience, industry know-how, and enthusiasm to make a difference in the Fintech sector in the UK. They needed a small but reliable tech team that would be embedded in their team and help them accomplish all of the business goals. They recognized our team’s tech capabilities, culture and our general company attitude, and concluded that we were a great fit for them.

Listen to the interview with Panos Savvas, Akoni’s co-founder and CTO, in which he talks about our collaboration.

Now, Akoni, acquired by Stubben Edge, is fundamentally changing the way business bank and procure financial services, leveraging data to create a personalised and tailored experience for financial advisers, SMEs, charities and nonprofits with our Web Factory team.

What Is Akoni?

Changing the way we manage cash

Akoni, acquired by Stubben Edge, is an open banking innovator providing a cash marketplace to wealth sector partners including software providers, asset managers, wealth platforms and financial advisors and financial wellness apps.

So far, they’ve been selected among 12 winning Fintechs to advance the future of SME banking in the UK. As an innovative company, they are recognized and awarded by BBVA, Forbes, Nesta, Fintech Influencers and many more.

Together with Akoni, we are certain that Open Banking & Open Data personalises and democratises financial services for all. We’re looking forward to seeing the future success of the platform development and growth in the Fintech world, globally.

We strongly believe that Akoni can achieve incredible success in the Fintech world, and we will continue to help and support them achieve much more.
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